SME ideas De-inking Australia

One in seven Australians have a tattoo. What if you regret the decision?


Women in business at work On a mission

What brought Mission Australia's new CEO Catherine Yeomans to where she is now?

Competition Gym Thumb

Competition Body Revolution

Enter for your chance to WIN a 12-month Fernwood gym membership

Horse Teeth

Business ideas Body language and bullying

Sue Spence uses her horses to teach communication to adults and disadvantaged youth.

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    Kate Leeming

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    Kate is an explorer/adventurer, author, speaker, educator and professional sportsperson, who on her major expeditions has cycled the equivalent of twice around the world at the Equator. She is about to publish her second book, NJINGA, Breaking the Cycle in Africa, which will complement the award-winning feature documentary, also entitled NJINGA.

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Have you ever experienced age discrimination?

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