Are you a business owner, thought leader or Influencer? You must be able to talk about it with all the passion of your purpose ! Does Public Speaking terrify you? You are not alone! Public Speaking is our number 1 fear. Learn how to conquer your fear of Public Speaking and give an authentic, powerful, engaging presentation, in your full authentic expression. Addressing a camera is another challenge. Learn how to pitch your business idea to camera, with technique and authenticity, present to camera or conduct interviews. Discover how to be Media Savvy and interview brilliantly even when faced with a blank green screen! Learn how to work with Autocue Presenting on Television! Your image is vital for your Branding. Discover your unique winning image and how to create it for your public appearances. As an Actor, Presenter and Speaker of many years I have appeared on TV Networks in Australia. I have worked on stage, film and television for many years. I am the Author of The Truth About Acting. My Article on How to Conquer Stage fright for Public Speaking was published in two magazines and retweeted by Toastmasters. I CAN GIVE YOU ALL THE TIPS AND TRICKS TO PERFORM WITH AUTHENTICITY AND FREEDOM! BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION TO BE STAGE AND CAMERA READY NOW!

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  • Tula Tzoras

    Areti Goddess Online Coaching Weekly

    You are invited to become a Member, cancel anytime, or opt in and out. Weekly Online Group Coaching normally $350 per month, at just $29 right now to get you through this time; check in weekly, process what is happening for you, release it and power on; each week, a few Goddesses are chosen at random to pose questions; with meditations, exercises to remove blocks, resources, facilitated discussions; Collaborations and Connections A powerful community A safe, confidential and Supportive Space

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    By Tula Tzoras

    Expiry date: 31 Aug 2020

  • Tula Tzoras


    The whole range of Online Courses & Coaching for Personal & Professional Development is heavily reduced to Support you through this time Ruby Connection Members. View the Range for what will Empower you right Now. Together we Will Thrive!

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    By Tula Tzoras

    Expiry date: 01 Jan 2021

  • Sarah Pierce

    12% off all arrangements and free delivery

    12% off all arrangements. Use code ruby12. Free delivery Australia-wide on all arrangements.

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    By Sarah Pierce

    Expiry date: 31 Mar 2020

  • Rosemary McKenzie

    Complimentary 20 minute finance consultation

    Do you have a savings plan, a budget or property or just don't know where to start? Call us for a friendly chat.

    By Rosemary McKenzie

    Expiry date: 03 Mar 2020

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