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The BIG question, of course, is what do you see as your ultimate outcome? To help get us there, I have a one-page Scorecard for you to complete, which will give us a line-in-the-sand as to how your business stacks up at this point in time. Then, with your Score in mind, we can explore what do you want to do in more detail... is it mostly about? 1. "Improving the Score" = how to do the things that matter i.e. ideally making the business Saleable? OR 2. "Selling" = how to go to market in the business' current state, being guided by the market as to the price and where the value lies? OR 3. "Don't Sell, but..." = how to position the business as a possible "strategic acquisition" for another, enabling you to stay involved past transition, post sale? If this is striking a chord, the first thing to do is to go to and "join" the community. As a result, you will receive a 60+ page manifesto on how to get started. Then, when you're ready, contact me and we will go over the outcome and your options. What do you think?

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  • Julie Rutter

    20% off Christmas Gift Ideas Sale

    Please check online all Juzii Jewellery's great Gift Ideas for all the family. Then receive 20% off your Jewellery order using the coupon code VIP.

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    By Julie Rutter

    Expiry date: 31 Oct 2018


    Child Custody

    Breaking up or separating is a traumatic and difficult time for any adult. But for couples with children, the best interests of the child need to come first.

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    Expiry date: 01 Aug 2050

  • Sally Foley-Lewis

    Dinner & Networking - Helping Middle Managers Become Productive Leaders

    Wednesday 26th September ... 4:45pm for 5:15pm Start ... 8:00pm Finish ... Private Dining Room ... The Brisbane Club ... Social Intelligence, sense making and collaboration are a few of the skills essential for the future of work according to the Institute for the Future (University of Phoenix). As the world of work changes, and changes faster and faster, your management team’s skills need to be exceptional and adaptable to ensure the team are achieving the results expected from your organisation. People skills – soft skills – are anything but soft! Being able to engage, drive performance, and boost the team’s productivity while also keeping productivity on track is critical for success. ... Essential Skills … In my work with thousands of managers across a diverse range of industries, it’s clear that managers want to do well yet the role can feel lonely and the more demanding work can become the more isolating it can feel. Having exceptional self- and team-leadership skills means your managers can get on with their work with the confidence that their team are also achieving the expected results – this means your confidence in your management team also increases as results increase and improve. ... 1. Managers need the skills, structure and confidence to have informal, in-the-moment feedback conversations. ... 2. Using delegation as a on-the-job training resource is an under-utilised opportunity for many managers. ... 3. Setting clear expectations ensures errors are reduced, deadlines are met and results are achieved. ... 4. Influence can feel elusive: managers need to know how to influence whether it’s to engage their team or to impact and value-add to the decisions of senior leadership. ... 5. Gallup rates accountability as one of the essential talents a great manager must have. ... You’ve no doubt heard the saying that people don’t leave organisations, they leave managers! Organisations spend a lot of money on recruitment that could be avoided through retaining quality middle managers. Middle managers tend to get a bad wrap and can be the first to go when organisations downsize. People- and self-leadership skills and productivity are what will determine a middle manager’s success. Skilling your management team to be confident and productive leaders means they can achieve more from their team and themselves. ... Is this you? ... ✓ You’re a Brisbane-Based HR Director or Manager, Operations Manager, Regional Manager, Head of People & Culture, Head of Learning & Development, Director or Head of a department, or a CxO, … looking to attract, retain and develop your middle managers without excessive downtime in development. ... ✓ You’re management team turnover is too high: you are losing good managers or can attract the right ones. ... ✓ Looking for ways to help your management team to achieve more in their own role and therefore help their team to boost their productivity. ... ✓ Want to connect with like-minded leaders, who are committed to professional development for their management team. ... Likeminded Professionals … Take time for yourself to join with other like-minded leaders who also want to find effective and productive ways to help retain and maintain fantastic middle managers. Join us for a great night, it includes: ... 🌿 Presentation: The Five Essential Skills Every Manager Needs to Master To Achieve More, Reduce Stress and Take Back Two Hours Per Day ... 🌿 Learn about the latest trends in what managers need for the future of work ... 🌿 A copy of Sally’s latest book The Productive Leader ... 🌿 A set of Management Success Cards ... 🌿 Launch of the Manager to Leader coaching program ... 🌿 Welcome drinks, beautiful two-course meal in one of Brisbane’s most prestigious private dining rooms ...

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    By Sally Foley-Lewis

    Expiry date: 25 Sep 2018

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