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The BIG question, of course, is what do you see as your ultimate outcome? To help get us there, I have a one-page Scorecard for you to complete, which will give us a line-in-the-sand as to how your business stacks up at this point in time. Then, with your Score in mind, we can explore what do you want to do in more detail... is it mostly about? 1. "Improving the Score" = how to do the things that matter i.e. ideally making the business Saleable? OR 2. "Selling" = how to go to market in the business' current state, being guided by the market as to the price and where the value lies? OR 3. "Don't Sell, but..." = how to position the business as a possible "strategic acquisition" for another, enabling you to stay involved past transition, post sale? If this is striking a chord, the first thing to do is to go to and "join" the community. As a result, you will receive a 60+ page manifesto on how to get started. Then, when you're ready, contact me and we will go over the outcome and your options. What do you think?

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  • Lisa Evans

    Complimentary Story Coaching Session with The Story Midwife

    Complimentary session with Public Speaking and Business Storytelling Expert Lisa Evans. Do you have a story you'd like to share but you need help to craft if? Do you aspire to be a speaker? If you would like to step up, stand out and make a difference with high level public speaking skills and compelling storytelling then I can help you. In a 30 minute complimentary session I can help you discover your authentic speaking style and give you tips and tools to help you on your speaking journey.

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    By Lisa Evans

    Expiry date: 30 May 2019

  • Jen Harwood

    Happy Hair Brush - 15% Off

    The Happy Hair Brush is the ultimate brush for children and adults that detangles hair with no pain and no drama. Based on combining 5 different brushes and combs, this unique brush solves the problem of brushing all hair types once and for all. It's the only brush in the world with a 100% happiness and money back guarantee, its that good ! Beware of copycat brushes. The Original Happy Hair Brush is all you need for a happy head of hair and calm brushing experiences. Use the discount code RUBY at purchase for %15 off your order.

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    By Jen Harwood

    Expiry date: 18 Feb 2021

  • liana lorenzato

    Ruby Connection Exclusive Offer

    15% off storewide for all collections. Use code: RubyConnect19 Excl Packs, Gift Cards and Sale.

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    By liana lorenzato

    Expiry date: 01 Dec 2019

  • Susan Sheehan


    This offer has been specifically developed to help you identify any gaps that you may have that could be stopping you achieving maximum potential. You will get valuable information on what you may need to change, remove, improve or create to make more money right now.

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    By Susan Sheehan

    Expiry date: 31 Jan 2019

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