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Begin with Your Free Empower Coaching Session! Book for 5 Months and Get Your 6th Month Free! Our Number 1 Underlying issue is Self-Worth. It affects every Relationship and every Area of Life and our ability to Achieve Goals! The Course of Your Life Can Change at Any Moment! It's All Up to You! CHANGE YOUR MIND & CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 71% of us HATE our Jobs and 85% of us Wake up Feeling bad EVERY DAY! You are amazing at kicking Goals! You have kicked so many so far! You also, however, have Goals that kick you! We all have disempowered areas in life. What we don't empower becomes a paradigm we perpetuate. Do you have a problem you just can't seem to solve or a pattern that keeps repeating? Do you feel like you are Beating your Head against a Brick Wall? You have done your best with what you know. Now its Time to get to the bottom of things and free yourself! I have found that our Self-Worth is at the base of every issue we face in life, affecting our relationships. Underlying beliefs drive us as we strive to reach our goals, rendering them unreachable as we sabotage ourselves. The good news is, despite a lifetime of conditioning, we can recondition our minds and clear unconscious limitations. This takes Time and Practice and the results are AMAZING! My areas of expertise include Boosting your Confidence, Transforming Relationships, Overcoming Addictions as well as Performance, Acting, Presenting, Public Speaking, Presentation, Pitching to Camera etc on a professional level. As a Coach I am dedicated to walking beside you, empowering you to Achieve your Goals. I work holistically, employing a combination of methods and techniques, as I have found that to be the most effective way to experience Transformation. We work with Action Plans, set and achieve Goals together in full support and accountability. There is nothing I hold dearer than empowering you to BE YOUR OWN BEST COACH. WHAT YOU GET One on One sessions online or in person One free Discovery Session to determine your goals and challenges like limiting beliefs and patterns Devising an Individual Action Plan Setting Goals Weekly Sessions Resources (articles, videos, webinars, emails, tips etc) Personal Phone Contact (conditions apply) A signed agreement Measurable Results Celebration of Wins Discounts to events and workshops Access to private groups and more! My personal attention Mita MJ Parmar Tula is both a strong and gentle soul who has been a wonderful ball of light and energy. Her approach has shown empathy, compassion, strength, support and really understanding a given situation. The richness of her own life experiences allows Tula to serve from a very real and authentic place. I highly recommend Tula as a mentor and a guiding light on your path to achieve success as you define it..Thank you Tula for your strength and support... Give Yourself Permission, You Deserve it! This a time just for you; you will reconnect with you inner self in a safe, supportive environment. Discover what is at the core and gain clarity about where you are and what is driving you. We will discover the blocks to your success and eliminate them, so that you can do what you love without limits. You will leave with a clear plan of action, feeling freer and more confident to Thrive. You will see Measurable Results with your Action Plan, Goal Setting and Achievement. It takes 21 Days to Break a Pattern and 66 days to Create a simple one like eating fruit. That is why daily practice is essential to transforming negative patterns and beliefs. A lifetime of conditioning takes longer than one session, the results however are amazing and the better you feel and experience the world the more you want to do this work.  Kerry Billett : Tula is the most incredible, strong and colorful woman that I could have ever met. They say you meet people for a reason. well from meeting Tula I now understand that. Tula is the most versatile and strong women I have ever met. Her strength drives me to succeed. She not only inspires me to achieve my dreams but also is a mentor that drives you! Tula has offered me her services to open my business and has been able to open my websites and every element of media available!!! If anyone is ever after a powerhouse that has invested time into knowing every opportunity the world has to offer, down to successful businesses, acting, self growth, happiness etc. Tula is your women. Its simple Tula… since meeting you, you have made me a better person. My recommendation is that you commit to 6 month blocks as transforming cognitive thinking and behaviour doesn't happen in one session, available to buy below. If you are committed to Growth and the practice to Transform your Life, this is for you! With Monthly Membership I am available to you and there are many added benefits with Measurable Results. Click Here for Monthly Coaching! For Monthly Coaching, Book for 5 Months Here and Get your 6th Month Free! PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online! I look forward to Empowering You to Your Potential Wendy Brownell Tula is a beautiful soul. She truly listens, is kind, empathetic, has a wealth of knowledge & has endeavoured to assist in a time where I have felt vulnerable & at war inside myself. Tula you are an inspiration to me on a daily basis & am making headway every day with your guidance & empowerment. For More Information on Tula Tzoras click Here: See all the Amazing Testimonials!

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