Want more health, joy and passion in your life? Leave the stress and overwhelm behind!

As an Energy Healer, Life Purpose Life Coach and Holistic Counsellor I show people how to live with more health, joy and passion in their everyday lives and leave the stress and overwhelm behind. I combine my knowledge of Science (my original career was in Science Research in the cancer and biotech fields) to bring a practical and logical approach to healing your body, mind and spirit. After stress and illness took my health and happiness for many years I knew things had to change. I finally learnt how to look after my health - mental, emotional and physical. I now offer this to others so they too can keep healthy and happy in their lives. Contact me to book an appointment and get 30% off your first private appointment.

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  • Susan Sheehan


    This offer has been specifically developed to help you identify any gaps that you may have that could be stopping you achieving maximum potential. You will get valuable information on what you may need to change, remove, improve or create to make more money right now.

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    By Susan Sheehan

    Expiry date: 31 Jan 2019

  • Julie Rutter

    20% off Christmas Gift Ideas Sale

    Please check online all Juzii Jewellery's great Gift Ideas for all the family. Then receive 20% off your Jewellery order using the coupon code VIP.

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    By Julie Rutter

    Expiry date: 31 Oct 2018


    Child Custody

    Breaking up or separating is a traumatic and difficult time for any adult. But for couples with children, the best interests of the child need to come first.

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    Expiry date: 01 Aug 2050

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