20% OFF NABERS Rating Fee

We are extending the CitySwitch Signatories exclusive offer to Ruby Connection Members: Receive 20% OFF your tenancy/property NABERS Rating assessment fee. Contact us for more information.

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  • Rachael Ralli

    Want more health, joy and passion in your life? Leave the stress and overwhelm behind!

    As an Energy Healer, Life Purpose Life Coach and Holistic Counsellor I show people how to live with more health, joy and passion in their everyday lives and leave the stress and overwhelm behind. I combine my knowledge of Science (my original career was in Science Research in the cancer and biotech fields) to bring a practical and logical approach to healing your body, mind and spirit. After stress and illness took my health and happiness for many years I knew things had to change. I finally learnt how to look after my health - mental, emotional and physical. I now offer this to others so they too can keep healthy and happy in their lives. Contact me to book an appointment and get 30% off your first private appointment.

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    By Rachael Ralli

    Expiry date: 30 Sep 2018

  • Julia Billyard

    Ruby Members

    We would be delighted to offer a 20% Discount to any Ruby member that books and experience with us Mon - Thursdays. We can offer 10% Discount for peak times. You will need to call us on 0417 445 349 to make this booking so we can arrange your discount.

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    By Julia Billyard

    Expiry date: 31 Jul 2018

  • Rebecca Haynes

    Redesign your interpreter services and save!

    Does your organisation use interpreter services for LOTE speaking customers? If so, we could help transform the way your organisation works with interpreters as well as help reduce your expenditure. Speak with ezispeak to learn if you qualify for heavily discounted interpreting services for your customer care operations.

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    By Rebecca Haynes

    Expiry date: 30 Jun 2018

  • Alison Billaud

    One Month Business Coaching for just $1!!

    Have you ever met with a small business coach and walked away disappointed because you would love to work with them but you just can't afford $2-3k per month? The Milestone Academy is an exciting new online coaching company committed to seeing small business' profitably grow month on month, gain control of their business operations and claim their personal time back. How would your life look if you could pay yourself the same amount of money every week or month? How would your life look if you came home every evening and spent time with your family instead of doing paperwork into the night, every night? How would your life look if you felt in control? If that constant feeling of being behind, not getting everything done that you need to was all finally organised and systemised? It's easier to do than you think, you just have to know what to do. We'll teach you everything and support you in implementing it along the way. Come and work with us for a fraction of the cost of the traditional business coaching. In fact, because we are just new, you can trial us for the first month for just $1!!!

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    By Alison Billaud

    Expiry date: 08 Apr 2018

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