20% discount on any booking.

Just mention Ruby Connection when you book and we will discount our desk rates or workshop room rates by 20%

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  • Jaqui Lane

    Write, publish and market your business book with The Write Strategy online program.

    20% off The Write Strategy online business book program. How to successfully write, publish and market your book. Use the Coupon Code: STARTMYBOOK

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    By Jaqui Lane

    Expiry date: 31 Dec 2021

  • Tania Taylor

    Stayin' Wild Challenge

    Need a Covid-safe wellbeing challenge to help you take time out, get active and get out in nature? Wild Women On Top are offering a $25 entry and your first buddy goes free. Check our website for more!

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    By Tania Taylor

    Expiry date: 31 Jan 2021

  • Maree Hamilton

    Tax Time Treat

    Tax Chicks is happy to prepare and lodge your Individual Tax Return. We work remotely with our clients all across Australia. Limited Time offer for simple tax return with one group certificate. Prepared and lodged for you same day. Email us with RUBY OFFER in the subject for the reduced fee of $120. Limited Time Only. Ts & Cs Apply. Visit our website at www.taxchicks.com.au and email us info@taxchicks.com.au

    By Maree Hamilton

    Expiry date: 31 Oct 2020

  • Kim Taylor


    Over the last few months, I’ve had many conversations with incredibly amazing professional women (just like you). And many of them have shared that they are struggling to be heard, and don’t feel confident sharing their messages in this current climate. It doesn’t need to be like this! What if there was a way to embrace your natural communication style? I’ve developed a brand new and completely unique tool that turns good communicators into mind-blowing communicators and public speakers You CAN become an Ultimate Communicator in your own right. You can: • Be true to yourself and your message • Move your business forward with clarity • Find and connect with your ideal clients • Compel others with your voice in team meetings • Make a memorable speech at a friend’s wedding • Inspire a group of volunteers at a charity event • Become a more confident leader and communicator • Improve rapport and connection during networking events Here’s what my client Genine Howard recently shared, “Kim’s process has enabled me to really own my style of communicating both in my business marketing and as the leader in my company. It's like now I get full permission to be who I truly am and embrace all of me!” When it comes to communicating and speaking publicly, if something doesn’t feel right, you’re not connecting or you know you could improve… there is a reason why you feel this way, You haven’t YET discovered YOUR top Ultimate Communication Archetypes™! I’ve uncovered eight Ultimate Communication Archetypes™ because the truth is, everyone has their own unique style of communicating with the world. When you understand your top Communication Archetypes™ - it enables you to have flexibility around your own speaking style, become the best communicator you can be and thrive as a professional. Wouldn’t you love to know what your unique communication style is and discover the next steps to becoming an Ultimate Communicator while remaining ULTIMATELY YOU? “I have felt the most amount of flow and fulfilment in my life since learning about my innate communication style. Thank you Kim. This work is life changing!” - Serena Sandstrom. If you'd like to know your top 3 Ultimate Communication Archetypes™, you can complete the Ultimate Communication Archetypes™ Profile tool. Then we can follow up with a 20-minute conversation, as my gift to you! Here’s the link. I just know it’ll be an eye-opener. https://UltimateSpeaker.as.me/UltimateCommunicationArchetypes20min Can’t wait to hear from you! Much love, Kim xo

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    By Kim Taylor

    Expiry date: 30 Sep 2025

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