Running Around Running Yourself into the Ground?

Special offer for Ruby Connection – The Caring gift for People Caring for their Aged Loved Ones Looking for that special gift for someone special. Do you know someone that is running themselves into the ground running around caring for their aged loved ones? They are part of the sandwich generation. The generation where looking after their growing family and now also have their aged loved ones to care for, is seen as ‘normal’ – not to mention their work and every other thing they do. You want to help them but you don’t know how. Here is the perfect gift – our Care Pack. A copy of our book “Tough…Tough Times…Tough Decisions”, A set of ACE Care Cards, “7 Tips for Carers” handout and “My Ideal Day” Handout All this for only $40.00 Contact us now for this awesome special at or call Me on 0414491764

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