Free Trial of my new keynote, Pozzy to Cozzy

I've been developing a new keynote presentation called Pozzy to Cozzy (Freeing our Planet from Patriarchy). I'm looking for three opportunities over the next few weeks to trial the core material in front of appropriate audiences. I won't be charging a fee. Basically, the keynote explores the most important yet difficult question in the world today: ‘How do we speed up the dismantling of patriarchy?’ Called Pozzy to Cozzy, this is an engaging, content-rich presentation spiced with humour, art, poetry and stories that are both confronting and inspiring. The presentation expresses my own creative interpretation of the latest thinking emanating from Harvard, McKinsey and other highly regarded experts and institutions. It also builds on my work as Co-Founder of the emerging online community, ‘Wise Women Will Save the World’: The phrase, Pozzy to Cozzy, refers to the current global transition from a patriarchal to non-patriarchal ‘human operating system’. To explore this topic, I’ve created a unique, original model: • Pozzy is my term for a P-OS or Pyramid Operating System, which is today’s dominant and dysfunctional way of being, living and working. • Cozzy stands for a C-OS or Circle Operating System, which is a new, more nurturing way of leading and functioning, one that has been struggling to emerge for some time, but which is now poised to expand exponentially. Here’s a clip I made, outlining the model and main messages: Pozzy to Cozzy is most suited to audiences at senior executive level, from organisations exploring issues around leadership, ethical business, sustainability, global trends, organisational change, social justice, diversity and gender equality. It would also hold great appeal at events focussed on the empowerment of women. Interested? Then please view the clip and get in touch. Cheers, Graeme Bowman 0418 144 942

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