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New Release, "Another Chance: A personal cancer journey", by Debra Vinecombe, published by Peacock Publications, interviewed on two radio stations and two newspaper articles. Retail price $32.95 per book. Author's price $25.00 plus postage if not collected from my office or from Cancer Care Centre. Every person, at some stage in their life, goes through some sort of crisis. It may be a disease, a nasty divorce, the death of a child, abuse, etc. Debra's crisis was bowel cancer which inspired her to write about how to get through a crisis. "Debra's strength and courage shine through the pages. A compelling book that inspires, empowers and gives hope," Cancer Care Centre. "Powerfully and eloquently written, a story of triumph through adversity," Julia Wakefield, MA. Contact Debra Vinecombe, 0432 373 890

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