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Writing Copy That Sells

06 January 2015

Empowered, enlightened, transformed……..

How often do you see these words in marketing copy, web pages, emails, e-newsletters and social media?

Yes these are the things that we want for our clients but is this what they are really looking for? Or is it the language they even use in their day-to-day life.

“Guys, I’m just running out to grab my morning coffee. I need to be enlightened.”

See? It doesn't quite sit in daily language.

So, when it comes to writing website copy, marketing materials, online updates or even an email to your ideal client it is important to write in the language that he or she uses and understands.

Articulate their problem in their language

People buy products or services when they want to solve a problem, when the pain they have is so great that they need to take action to feel better.  The majority of people buy based on emotions. They want to feel good or look better or do something differently. Think about what they say to themselves.

Let’s look at a working mum as an ideal client.

She’s not walking down the street on the way to work saying “I wish I was more empowered and enlightened in my life. I am looking for transformation.”

She’s saying “I am so tired. Being a mum and working is so hard. I don’t have any time for myself. I can’t even go to the bathroom by myself! And why can’t I get out the door on time?”

YOU know she needs to be enlightened, empowered and transformed. It’s exactly what she needs but it’s not what she thinks she wants. Why would she? She can’t even get out the door on time. She doesn’t even think a transformation is possible at this point.

Connect with them and feel their pain

Using the language your client uses, they see that you really ‘get’ them, you understand their pain. That means that you are likely to be able to take their pain away.

Ask real questions in your marketing material. Let’s go back to our working mum.

“Do you always feel tired?”

“You really want to get back into exercise but can’t find the time?”

“Are you drowning under a sea of school lunches, laundry and permission slips?”

Do you think our working mum is nodding her head furiously to this? This is her experience... and someone else out there knows what she’s going through!

Offer the solution to their problem

Obviously it is important that you do have a solution to their pain or problem. This is the time to present it.  Make sure you know your ideal client and you have researched what they can and can’t afford, what time and money they will invest in your product or service.

Give them the answer to their problem in their language.

“Our program will give you back 10 hours a week. You’ll be on time and feeling confident. You’ll feel less stressed and uptight. Sounds good? Sign up here.”

Before you fill your copy with ‘flowery’ feel good words, take a breath and ask yourself is this the way your ideal client really talks to themselves.  If they don’t, you may as well write your copy in another language. It will be all gibberish to them anyway.