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World Domination at home

03 September 2013

World Domination at home

Erin and Natalie double act

When Erin Holland (left) made the decision to run for Miss World and asked one of her friends Natalie Roser (right) if she’d be interested in taking on the challenge as well, neither of them guessed they’d take out the top two Australian spots.

“I was a Greenleaf, a Newbie, in the pageant world,” Natalie Roser explains of her first-time beauty pageant appearance. “I was completely myself. The girls were all so poised and eloquent. I was so shocked I did so well, and so thrilled.”

Natalie Roser has a number of strings to her career bow, including pageant successful with her runner-up title. A commercial model since she was 13, Natalie was discovered via Girlfriendmagazine’s yearly talent search contest in the same year as Abbey Lee Kershaw, who went on to modelling fame with Victoria’s Secret.

From school, Natalie enrolled in a Visual Communications degree at Newcastle University and began her photography career specialising in portraiture work and model portfolio work.

“The pageant offered me the opportunity to further build my contacts and my own portfolio of portraiture work as well as form a larger friendship and network base in Sydney where I now live,” explains Natalie.

(Erin, who scooped up the Miss World, Australia title is now off to Indonesia to compete in Miss World. Natalie, for the first time in five months, can take a breath and think about what’s happened and what’s next.)

“I am very aware of the need to develop my career options. I’m not going to model forever, not even for much longer. I find myself at castings now with 16 year olds and I think, ‘I’m old’,” she explains with a wry smile.

“Some 16 year olds,” she continues, “are scary. I’ve been at castings for modelling jobs and thought, ‘how old are you?’ I wouldn’t have been able to order a hot chocolate at 16. They’re sort of intimidating but then it’s probably just because they are so excited. You actually want to say to them, ‘calm down’.”

From state announcements to national announcements to final judging in Melbourne back in July, the Miss World pace, according to Natalie, has been “really fast”.

“Erin and I did the charity work together. Concentrating on raising the most money was part of our strategy, but because both of us are not from Sydney this meant we needed to work harder at this side of things,” says Natalie. (Natalie grew up in Newcastle and Erin is originally from Cairns.)

“Together,” she continues, “we could draw on more contacts and we were able to share the job of doing the event for our chosen charity, Variety, the children’s charity. The five months of the competition were really fast paced. Besides the charity aspect, each contestant also has to compete on a talent and fitness level. You think to yourself, I’ll go to the gym and get buff for this, but you really don’t have the time”.

Recently, with the time to reflect on where she might go next, Natalie has begun to consider her future.

“I was in hospital with a scratched eyeball - a netball injury. I had my hands over my eyes unable to open either because it hurt so much. I was thinking to myself: ‘What am I going to do if I can’t see? A blind model slash photographer. How would that work?’ ”

The answer, she says, could be a return to university and another degree, perhaps in podiatry or dermatology. If that’s the case, it would seem Natalie’s long-held daydream of being a young mum - married with children by 25 - will recede further into the distance: “I’m 23. The closer 25 comes the more I think, Naaah.”


Photo Erin Holland and Natalie Roser by Cameron Mackie


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