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Women farmers – changing our view of the land

03 March 2020

Visiblefarmer Productionteamcarstenorltwithfarmerdebbiedowdenplusdirectorgiselakaufmann

Visible Farmer is the brainchild of Gisela Kaufmann (right with farmer Debbie Dowden middle) and Carsten Orlt (left) who describe themselves as “story farmers”.

Gisela and Carsten’s 15-part web-series – each episode is seven minutes long - takes you on a journey from remote outback stations to urban market gardens, to reveal untold stories of the women behind our food and in agriculture, with a view to changing perceptions of who a farmer is.

Only 2.3 per cent of CEOs in Australian agribusinesses are female, compared with an average of 17 per cent across other industries.

Celebrating women in business in agriculture

In the same vein as the AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award,this series celebrates the diversity of women working in the industry, highlighting the challenges they face, and the issues of food security. 

Ep7 Visiblefarmer Darrylingordon Poster

Darrylin Gordon (above) an AgriFutures award winner and cattle farmer features in the series. 

Darrylin's episode (#7) has achieved amazing traction, says Gisela, on Facebook alone it has over 104K reach and 48K views to date.

The filmmakers also want to help female farmers to connect and engage with each other; to inspire and encourage women to enter the rural workforce and help narrow the gender gap in Australian agriculture.

Watch Episode 8: Blooming Business
Kathy Cameron, flower farmer, Margaret River, WA
“I’m a very proud farmer. It’s the land that nurtures us. It’s time for us to nurture it back again.”
Kathy’s childhood in rural Kent (UK) was shaped by the seasons and the wondrous and magical things you can grow. When their children left home, Kathy and her husband decided to leave their city jobs and start growing ‘food for the soul’. After years of research, they are now operating Australia’s only waterlily farm for the cut flower market. Kathy is proud to be known as the ‘waterlily lady’, sprinkling a little magic through her close-knit farming community.

And if you’re interested in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) watch Visible Farmer’s Episode 9 with market gardener Melissa Charlick.