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Will Power II

07 March 2011

I came across this piece by Isobel Coleman the other day in Forbes magazine and I wanted to share it with our Ruby members, so here's a little taste of what you can expect and I encourage you to go to the link to read more:

\"Women Are The New Global Growth Engine\"

\"Corporate executives take note: In coming decades, the majority of global population growth will occur in countries where gender disparities are greatest and where conservative traditions and customs work against women's rights.

Entrenched gender discrimination remains a defining fact of life for most of the world's bottom 2 billion, and that is not only a critical human rights issue but also a pressing economic issue. It causes staggering losses in productivity, economic activity and human capital. ?Conversely, the empowerment of women as customers, employees, entrepreneurs and participants in local, regional and global supply chains is akin to stumbling on an enormous emerging market.

Indeed a recent Booz Allen study suggests that women represent the \"third billion,\" potentially equivalent to the billion-plus-population markets of India and China. Yet that potential will only be realized if women are better educated, are healthier and more secure and are more enabled by their communities to participate in the global economy.\"