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05 January 2019

Love is the most powerful motivator!        To love self is the beginning of all other loves
I had a wonderful childhood and even through my parents divorced my amazing mother not only made us feel loved and secure, but she worked tirelessly to give my sister and I private schools, music lessons and everything else we needed.  

My story starts at 15 years old and without going into the gory detail… a ‘dirty old man’, ‘a horny customer’, ‘a landlord who thought he deserved privileges’, ‘a boyfriend that wouldn’t take no for an answer’, ‘an over friendly boss’, ‘a determined stranger’ and a husband with a mental illness, decided that what they wanted from me was more important than the unworthiness and shame they left me with.  The world saw a happy, positive woman, I was blessed with the intrinsic ability to see the glass full but what I learned many years later was that I wore a mask that covered the face of who I was really was.   

You see when a woman’s body is invaded by the unwanted desires of another she is stripped of her beauty, her heart broken into some 1000 little pieces and her love-of-self shattered, her truth lays hidden entangled in the roots of shame, guilt, contempt, pain, sadness, unworthiness and crap.  I have always been committed to making my dreams come true, you see I have a vision, a purpose bigger than myself a reason for everything I do.  I have studied with the best in the world and ‘I know how to do it’ but I was still not getting the financial results I knew were real.  

Each time I asked the questions, “what is my problem?” and “what am I not getting, that if I got it, my results would change?” the answer was always the same… “you do not deserve it!”  
What does that mean, “I don’t deserve it”, of course I deserve it, we all do, right? When I stopped and allowed myself to fully embrace the vulnerability of ‘the truth’ and to stop functioning in my masculine state I realized that the memories of yesterday no-longer exist. 

Can we truly wipe-out the memories of yesterday?  I discussed this with a friend of mine Mr. Mark Robert Waldman, an expert in neural training and he said no, but the more we start to believe that our memories are no-longer real then the easier it is to release the emotion attached to it.   

However, there are some memories that you want to keep, even with the pain.  There is nothing sadder than a little white coffin and releasing the emotional attachment to the death of my daughter has been an on-going exercise of faith and trust.  I have trained my brain to feel the joy of her life and not the pain and sadness of her death. Do I always get it right?  No, but I made a promise the day I buried her to make her life mean more than the pain of her loss and even with the days that I feel sorrow my heart is filled with love.
We all have a story that plays on silently in the back ground of our mind.  It is that unconscious tale that you tell yourself about what you mean to you and what money means to you and what it says to others about you.   It determines whether you are worthy of success, deserve success and whether you will achieve it not. The thing is that this story will continue to play and replay unless you make the conscious decision today to rewrite it.  You are writing your story right now and the question I would like to ask you is, “are you adding another chapter to the story?” or have you started rewriting your new story? 

I had the greatest pleasure and 
honor to work personally with John Assaraf, John is one of the key note authors of the Secret and has built numerous multimillion-dollar companies.  He is an expert on brain training and mind-development and his studies of the brain tell us that even though your brain resists change, it can change, and it starts with a new vision.  Imagine, just for a moment what that looks like for you! 
Be brave, take off your mask and start rewriting your new life

One thing I learned in my journey and with working with women is that too many women do what they do because they love it. They want to make a difference to the world but do not connect to their logical thinking brain, build their business acumen and of course unleash the lies that live deep inside. You see, it isn’t about the money, it is about the lack of clarity, confidence and certainty.  It IS that unconscious tale that defines your truth, your belief, that most times is not true, I wasn’t making the money I wanted because I believed I didn’t deserve it, not true.  Let me tell you the absolute truth, the marketplace will show you the money, when you show the marketplace your self-worth.   

So, what is confidence?  It can be hard to quantify, and equally hard to describe in detail, but it is real and here is another truth, confidence and low self-worth cannot occupy the same space.
Confidence seems to be determined by three basic areas: your level of achievement, your sense of belonging and your level of self-worth. It is a personal triangle, closely connected but your achievement and sense of belonging is completely determined by your level of self-worth.  Confidence is developed silently and subtly.  Each time you break through that fear, push through a boundary or comfort zone or challenge yourself with a new thought you are changing the dynamics of your belief and building your self-worth.
Confidence is the level of self-worth you show to the world!
A couple of years ago I presented my business model to a group of Angel investors, one of the scariest things I have ever done, 9 men with an excess of 100 million dollars.  Now, my old story said that all men looked at me as a ‘sex object’ (had been told that more times than I can count),   
I was very nervous about how I was going to manage my presentation when my belief was that these men would not see me as a business woman.  I couldn’t eat or talk and  and when I found myself standing in front of these 9 men, the question “what is your problem?” popped into my mind, “these are just mere males with more money”  In that one moment I changed forever… (and I did raise the investment money I was looking for)  

The work you do on self in private, shows up silently and unexpectedly in public.

Building your self-worth needs to be your focus because it is the only thing that will give you the freedom you seek.  You are a progressive woman in the 21st century and don’t we owe it to our sisters of yesterday who through conditions and hardships that we can only pretend to imagine, found a voice to be heard that gave us the freedom we have today.  These women saw a better life, not only for themselves but for others and that is what you need to do, see a better life for you and for the people you love. Your vision may be for your family, or it may be for your community or like me it could reach across the globe, whatever your vision, imagine it to be true and start today to believe in that woman you know you can be, take off your mask and set yourself free… 
Susan Sheehan 
0426 711 485