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What are you known for?

15 April 2016

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Did you know you only get 3 seconds to make that first impression? And in that three seconds, you probably haven’t even said a word yet! So, given how crucial first impressions are in life and in business, have you invested the time to think about what first impression you give?

When somebody meets you for the first time, or you walk into a room, what are the conscious and subconscious thoughts people are having about you? Although we can’t have ultimate control over what others think of us (and nor should we get too caught up in that notion), we can certainly positively influence the first impression we give.

From a business and marketing perspective, positioning is the space you want to occupy in your customers' minds when they think about your brand. Your personal positioning is how you want others to feel about you, whether it's a boss, co-worker, job interviewer, friend or partner. Your personal positioning is not necessarily a statement about you - it's a statement that captures who you are; your essence. This can be achieved by what you wear, how well groomed you are, entering a room with a smile, a confident handshake, plus so much more.

I’d love you to ask yourself what you want to be known for? What first impression would you like to be making? How do you want to make people feel? Then take a moment to really assess whether there is alignment between what you’d like to be known for and the actual impression you currently give. Someone once said “dress for the position you want, not the position you currently have”. It is so true.

You can check out great tips for maximising your personal positioning and personal brand on the Athena Coaching You Tube channel, here.

Really take time to ensure that you are giving the right first impression every day. You’d be amazed at what people notice and remember.


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