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Westpac and Vogue join forces for your career

11 July 2016


When you think about language – reading it, writing it, speaking it – do you think about how owning language puts you in the position of power - in the elite?

You should, because, as any Media magnate will tell you, if you own the means of communication - the ability to read, write and speak the language - then you have the power. Just think about the power of advertising.

In our technological age it’s the language of code that rules supreme. If you’re writing the code you have the power and women are being left behind.

As Vogue magazine Editor Edwina McCann points out, there is not a single female coder at Vogue and it’s not through a lack of trying. She wants to level the playing field - something Westpac is doing with its ambitious 50 percent women in leadership targets by 2017 and its women in technology targets. It’s why Westpac, Decoded, HP and Vogue magazine have joined forces to stage a Summit this October: Vogue Codes.

Every career will be touched by technology in the future. If our workplaces are to remain open to all, then women need to be part of technology. They need to own the language and the future.

Consider where the jobs are: 100,000 jobs will be created in the tech sector over the next five years in Australia. In 2013, a survey showed female software developers made up 11.2 percent of the tech sector’s workforce. The other 88.8 percent would have to be… male, making that workplace look like something from the early 1900s and we’re pretty sure no one wants to go back there.

If you want to make a difference as well as get a job in the future, then learning how to code and considering a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) has to be the answer.

Vogue Codes is about showcasing careers in technology, opening our eyes to the unlimited possibilities of being there as women and making a difference for women.

Vogue Codes is an initiative led by Vogue Australia in partnership with Kathryn Parsons, the inspiring founder of Decoded; Westpac; HP; and Katie Page, Harvey Norman CEO.

Over the next few months, Vogue and Ruby will feature interviews and articles promoting women in technology, including some of the fantastic women of Westpac. Vogue will also feature a digital hub full of content to help women consider the opportunities of technology.

Vogue Codes is on October 14, Barangaroo and October 16, Powerhouse Museum.