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Vogue Codes Marque Two

05 June 2017

When you think about reading, writing, speaking – do you think about how owning language puts you in the position of power, in the elite?

You should. Just look at the history of Totalitarianism and the part propaganda plays in the rise of leaders and ideas.

In our technological age it's the language of code that rules supreme. If you’re writing the code you have the power and, guess what, women are being left behind.

As Vogue magazine Editor Edwina McCann pointed out, when she had the idea to start Vogue Codes in 2016, there was not a single female coder at Vogue and it wasn't through a lack of trying. This year's Vogue Codes two-day Summit is on again in July.

Every career will be touched by technology in the future. If our workplaces are to remain open to all, then women need to be part of technology. They need to own the language and the future. They need to know what's going on under the hood. Women need to be able to grasp the opportunities change brings with it. Join us for more than a glimpse into the future.

Vogue Codes 2017 invitation