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Using your support network to become a great leader

07 February 2017

Strategic support networks are all about who you have around you and how can they help accelerate your success.

Women build relationships incredibly well so let’s start leveraging this skill!

First, ask yourself who are your distribution sources?

  • By that I mean, who are your professional raving fans?
  • Who are the people out there supporting your career progression?

As women, we connect well, we support one another well. We need to work to our strengths in a commercial environment as well.

We go to networking events because we understand the power of word of mouth marketing, right? So, who is out there selling your services and creating opportunities for you?

Take the time now to write down answers to these questions so that you have a clear picture of who these people are.

Are the people around you helping or hindering your success?

Most people want to help you achieve success. If they don’t know what you need, sometimes they don’t even realise their actions and expectations are getting in your way or slowing you down.

Do your colleagues, partners, families, bosses understand what success looks like for you – both personally and professionally? What conversations do you need to have with them to help them understand and be aligned with what you are trying to achieve?

Again, Take the time now to write down what it is you need to do or what conversations you need to have to make sure everyone around you knows what success.

By creating a strong support network around you, it will ensure that your success remains on track without you spreading yourself too thin and achieving less than your best.