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The Rise of the Aussie Mumpreneur

08 July 2015

The Rise of the 'Mumpreneur'

With the growing popularity of sites such as, the Australian economy has a new force to be reckoned with, in the form of high-achieving mothers who make the most of their ingenuity and skills while balancing childcare commitments. Essentially, the AusMumpreneur site was founded to support Australian mothers in their business ventures, offering a wide-ranging network of support and advice from other women in the same position - an invaluable service in the face of the harsh statistics documenting start-up failure rates. 

Helping women to defy expectations, now host an annual awards and conference, celebrating women's achievements in business and entrepreneurship over the past year. The next awards show is due to be held in September 2015, when a new cohort of Mumpreneurs will be announced -and celebrated- but in the meantime, here are the Aussie Mumpreneurs we all need to watch:

1. Christine Kininmouth of Fertile

Christine Kininmouth is Australia's official #1 Mumpreneur: inventor of the Belly Belt (which turns normal clothes into maternity wear); Milkbar nursing pillow, and baby carriers Hugabub and Manduca, she's also been a TV judge of others' inventions. Multi-tasker Christine also makes it her business to educate the Australian public on baby sling safety and baby carrier awareness: she's on board of the international Baby Carrier Industry Alliance, flying world experts into Australia to train members of her own company as well as others in her industry. 

2. Jackie Hall of The Parental Stress Centre

Jackie Hall put a traumatic and stressful time in her own life to good use. Working as a life coach, author, keynote speaker, course facilitator, as well as founder of her own organisation, The Parental Stress Centre, Jackie was suffering from postnatal depression and anxiety in 2007 when an outburst almost resulted in injury to her then 2 year old son. Turning things around, Jackie now counsels parents dealing with mental health problems as well as drug and alcohol addictions, and helps others to deal with the pressures that come with being a parent.

3. Marlies Hobbs of The Paleo Cafe

After Marlies Hobbs' baby suffered from ongoing and severe acid reflux, Marlies discovered that he was allergic to dairy products, and moved her whole family onto a paleo or 'caveman' diet, with almost immediate improvement to her son's health. Feeling frustrated at the lack of food and dining options in her hometown of Cairns, Marlies was prompted to set up her own nutrition-friendly outlet, The Paleo Cafe, to great success.

4. Sasha Deacon of Beau Hudson

Using her sons' middle names for her business, Sasha Deacon founded an online unisex kids accessories label when she had a one-year-old, meaning that, like all working parents, she was forced to juggle her responsibilities carefully. Placing value on quality, style & comfort, and stocking items which are designed and generally made in Australia, Sasha's business now has global reach.

5. Jo Whitton of Quirky Cooking

Quirky Cooking is Jo Whitton's phenomenally successful blog, and is based around the philosophy that preparing and cooking wholefoods is the best source of nutrition for a family. With the idea that "healthy cooking doesn't have to be boring", Jo has brought her food-intolerance friendly recipes to a global audience.

6. Lynsey Nichols of Gilbert the Garbage Truck

Moving from Liverpool to Australia 20 years ago, Lynsey has carved out a career for herself illustrating her husband's children's books, which emphasize the importance of recycling. Starting out in 2D, the life of Gilbert the Garbage Truck has now lifted off the page as Lynsey runs a fun travelling show to educate the next generation about sustainability.

7. Lauren Harris of Tadah Patterns

Lauren Harris also sets out to inspire the next generation - with the love of sewing! Passing her enthusiasm for this ancient craft down to her own children, Lauren has now founded a boutique sewing patterns company, and become one of the leading independent pattern makers in Australia. As well as championing the many parents who use her patterns to generate income, Lauren is an informal spokesperson for the Australian Handmade community.

8. Jenine Dilts-Bayman of

Using exercise to help herself overcome depression, Jenine Dilts-Bayman then turned her hobby (and lifeline) into a profitable business. Teaching her first class when her daughter was just six months old, Jenine is now an expert trainer, specialising in pregnancy and postnatal fitness.

9. Kate Curtis of Nits in the Ditch

As the Winner of the 2014 Product Innovation awards held in Melbourne, Kate Curtis is in a good place- after spending years feeling frustrated at combing nits out of her young daughters' hair! Her natural head lice treatment is 100% certified organic, while her online store is the number 1 in Australia for anti-head lice products, all produced organically and without preservatives.

10. Caroline Africh of Attipas Shoes

Billing herself as a "banker-cum-Mumpreneur", Caroline Africh isn't an inventor, but instead spotted a huge gap in the Australian market- for functional toddler shoes. Having bought a pair for her young son while on holiday in Japan, she managed to sign an exclusivity deal with the company and has since grown a cult following for the toddlers' shoe brand in Australia, as well as winning an endorsement from a leading Australian podiatrist.

A key strategy in the Mumpreneurs' toolkit is finding work that can be done from home, or outsourced. All 10 leading Mumpreneurs have been able to do just that, and it's proven to be an excellent boost for the Australian economy. In an increasingly competitive world, these home-grown Mum entrepreneurs are Australian business people to be proud of.

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