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Finding the courage to take on challenges

04 July 2017

Would you like to be more confident?

Would you like to have more courage to take on challenges?

Would you like to be more successful?

Would you like to have it all?

The good news is that you can.

So what is confidence – where does it come from?

Confidence is a by-product of being successful. It is feeling comfortable in your own skin, because you feel capable. Confidence lets you tackle all kinds of challenges. Confidence gives you the courage you need to succeed.

You can’t build lasting confidence by just using affirmations. They don’t work for long.

You need to experience some solid success. Confidence and success are interdependent. You can’t have one without the other.

The problem is where to start. What if you don’t have a whole lot of confidence? Or you have some task you would like to tackle, but keep putting off?

In my 20 odd years of coaching, it is amazing just how many more women I get than men. The ratio is about 5 women to every man consult me for coaching. Frankly, I don’t know why – I have my theories.

However, I do know this.

To be successful, you need to know you have the right information, so you can make the right decisions – so you can get on the right path. There are so many decisions to make. And each decision has at least two answers – if not more, often many more.

It is all quite overwhelming. Is it any wonder most people feel stuck? Which way do you turn? How can you move forward in your life?

You need INSIGHTS.

What are insights?

Have you ever had a problem and wrestled with it – and got nowhere. Perhaps you slept on it. And in the morning, you suddenly got the answer. It seemed to come out of the blue. And that answer felt 100% right.  You could feel it in your bones. That answer is called an insight.

The problem is that they are few and far between.

Where do those insights come from?

They come from your subconscious mind. You have 2 minds – your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind talks all the time – non-stop at about 1000 decibels. It dominates the airwaves. Your second mind is your subconscious mind that sits quietly waiting to gift to you its profound wisdom, if only it could get airspace. We call your subconscious mind your Wise Self. You insights come from your Wise Self, your subconscious mind.

To get more insights you need to set up a dialogue with your Wise Self. You need to invite it to talk to you. To do that, you need a fresh new approach. You need to think about your problem laterally.

When you have a problem or a question, you start in the same place. You go around with the same train of thought and come out at the same old place. This process is frustrating at best – and does not solve anything.

What if you could start from a different perspective? You would automatically adopt a new way of thinking about your problem. And come to a different conclusion. That is how you think laterally – and that is the way to succeed.

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Fiona Wilson

Fiona Wilson’s first degree was in Economics from the University of Sydney. However her true passion was to understand the human mind. She went back to University of Sydney to further study Psychology as a mature age student. Fiona then went on to study coaching and mindfulness.

After coaching for 20 years, Fiona (above) has produced her first book, called ‘Fast Track Real Confidence’ - on how to boost your confidence. The book is available free on The accompanying free App is available from the Apple Store.


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