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The Business of Marketing to Women

11 February 2015

Women are the alpha consumers of our world.  In fact they control approximately 85% of consumer spending. They are changing the rules, dominating their markets and reinventing categories.  Businesses simply cannot afford to miss out on what is expected to be a $30 billion opportunity over the next decade.

Businesses need to start looking through her eyes because she is the leading economic indicator of what people want.  We have seen the future and it’s female. Even consumer giant Proctor & Gamble has started referring to consumers with the pronoun she.

Ultimately what it means is that almost every industry is jockeying for position to create products and services with female appeal and relevance, particularly in electronics, business travel, financial services and automobiles.

What we do know is that gender is the most powerful determinant of how a person sees the world.  But that does not mean marketers should “pink it and shrink it”. Brands need to tap into the values that bind women’s culture. 

Today’s women have a great sense of humour, independence and adventure. They are bold, courageous, multi-tasking leaders at home and in the office, with a clear sense of identity, purpose and plenty of passion. They are also game changers, rule breakers, thought leaders and style makers.

Appealing to women’s health and wellbeing sensibilities and love of family is intoxicating. It builds trust and brand rapport. If businesses and brands can remove the guilt of purchase, tell a great story, tie it to a cause, understand her life stages, support her intelligence and capability then she will fall in love with your brand. Never think a woman won’t notice something small; she will. And she will tell everyone. Women appreciate it when businesses are thoughtful, empathetic and understand their lives.