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The ABC of Your Personal Brand Audit

16 October 2015

As the year begins to come to a close perhaps now is a good time to look back on the year’s activities and start to plan ahead. Set some time before the holidays to analyise your year and set new goals for the next. Do a quick audit to uncover where you currently stand with your personal or business brand before you commence your communication strategy for the year.


Getting feedback from others will help you identify any issues and problems you may have and on the flip side open up potential solutions and opportunities.

A survey of your clients or customers will elicit some great information. You can do this with an online system like Survey Monkey via your website or sending an email. Pick up the telephone and talk to customers find out what works, what doesn’t and what could be improved on. Question them across various categories such as your product or service offering, your website and communication collateral. Do the same with suppliers and staff if you have them. Are there any other key people you could talk to? Perhaps partners, your financial advisor, mentors or coaches. Journalists if you deal with them regularly and even a few friends or members of the general public may help you compile feedback.


Once you have this feedback information you may get an insight into how your brand is being perceived. Is the perception of your personal or business brand what you hope for or does it need work? Delve little deeper with this analysis and do a SWOT audit.

Strengths – what is working well

Weaknesses –areas you need to improve on

Opportunities – where canyou seepotentialfor growth or change

Threats – what is not working and needs fixing

Your brand is also your packaging and visual identity. What does the outside and inside of your physical place of business look like. Do your customers see this or any other signage such as logos, business cards? What about your desk – is that reflecting your brand qualities?Do you have brand consistency across your website and other social media sites? You also are a walking talking business card for your brand – what does your dress or image say about you?


Take an inventory of all your various communication pieces and PR materials. Look at brochures, proposals, newsletters, press clippings, photographs, advertisements, anything at all that is either hard copy or on your website or social media sites. What does that information across the board reveal? Is there a consistent feel or philosophy of your brand coming across?  Do your key messages and values consistently shine through?

Google yourself. Are you first on the page when people search? What other websites do you appear on and do you want to be on those? Have you checked images lately – are they looking good? With your analytics what information can you extract that will aid the audit of your business or personal brand. What blogs do people read? What links seem to get the most attention? Scan your social media and again look at what gets likes and comments.

As mentioned in a previous blog  It Is all About the Base, you need to have a basic understanding of where your brand is situated now before you can craft a strategic communications campaign to take you to thatnext level of brand success.



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Sue Currie is a personal branding specialist and director of Sue Currie Communications an agency providing an integrated strategy of personal and professional public relations solutions to help business owners boost their image, renown, brand and business. Through speaking, corporate workshops, and consulting, Sue helps businesses and individuals to stand out and shine.


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