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That's unfair for women, Mum.

18 February 2016

A promise to my teenage son.

After watching the film Suffragette, my teenage son asked me what it was about. When I shared some of the points of the story, he was shocked that women didn’t have a right to vote and that they were paid less than men, in the 1900’s. His jaw dropped when I told him that still to this day “on average full time working women are paid almost 18% less than full time working men” (1). He said, “That’s unfair!”. Those words were echoing in my ears long after the conversation with him. “Fair! Fair. Fair?”
Suffragette was confronting in many ways. To see how women in the 1900’s were ignored, brushed-off, touched-up, victimised, used and segregated. Yet ordinary women, not necessarily heads of Government or CEOs, yes ordinary women, just like you and me could see that women could have a better life, that women could dream a new reality, they could be and feel happy. These women were courageous and brave. They realised that politicians and heads of corporations were not going to stand-up for them. They needed to stand-up for themselves. They banded together with strength and bravery for a common cause – that women deserved the right to vote.

There are many courageous women around the world now who are standing up to change the rights of women. Governments, corporations and men are making some adjustments too, so that we can change the rights of women. The only challenge is that if we continue at this rate, it will take about ‘475 years for us to achieve equality’!(2) We need to all stand-up for ourselves and for each other. We need to all ask for more. We need to all believe that we are worthy of equality.

Suffragettes, Women’s Liberation, Feminism – it really doesn’t matter what you call it. Women deserve equal pay and we deserve it now!

I told my son tonight that I have a dream that by the time his children are working adults they will see no difference in what women and men earn. He believed me. I believe me.

Can you believe this can happen?

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1 Australian Bureau of Statistics

2 Lyra Sorano


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