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Technology and women in business - Vogue Codes on again

01 June 2018

Vogue Australia's Edwina McCann

When you think about reading, writing, speaking – do you think about how owning language puts you in the position of power, in the political and workplace elite?

You should.

In our technological age it’s the language of code that rules supreme. If you’re writing the code you have the power and, guess what, women are being left behind. Men generally outnumber women in tech jobs by at least two to one; and the number of women in executive roles is well under 20 per cent.

As Vogue magazine Editor Edwina McCann (above) points out in her interview with Westpac Wire, it’s these sorts of facts that prompted her to begin Vogue Codes, a summit to empower women to take their place in the future of innovation.

On again for its third year, 12-24 June in Sydney and Melbourne, this year's Vogue Codes will show you the future of digital.

You need to know what's going on under the hood and Vogue Australia’s Edwina McCann tells you why, here…