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Springboard Australia

04 December 2012

Wendy Simpson - Chair of Springboard Enterprises Australia

Springboard Australia 2013 is the first accelerator program exclusively for Australian women entrepreneurs.
The program was launched in partnership with Springboard Enterprises, a US-based global non-profit, to bring its proven relationship-building accelerator model to Australia. Springboard educates, supports, and promotes the most promising women entrepreneurs to access the financial and human capital they need to scale their growth.
Over the course of the program, selected entrepreneurs will gain access to ongoing opportunities for relationship building with investors and industry experts through targeted in-person and virtual coaching sessions, and a variety of potential "feedback-driven" presentation opportunities.

Application Criteria
• A woman in a senior position with a significant equity stake
• A qualified and profitable market opportunity with competitive advantage
• A track record of milestone achievement, e.g. grants, clients, revenue
• A credible core management team or ability to attract one
• Headquartered in or have significant operations in Australia

Entrepreneur Benefits:
• A multi-stage applicant screening process involving panels of investors and subject matter experts
• Virtual coaching program for selected companies
• Induction of selected companies as Springboard alumnae, providing a lifetime of ongoing support
• Facilitated "feedback-driven" meetings and pitch opportunities with prospective investors & partners
• Exposure to network of venture capitalists, angel investors and business executives

Priority Application Deadline - December 15, 2012
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Program Info Link:



  • wendy simpson

    wendy simpson 7 years ago

    Women entrepreneurs - we' re all busy at this time of the year- however if there is one thing with high impact you do in the next few days is to register for Springboard 2013. 509 women entrepreneurs have been through the program - best program for raising capital for your business.