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Framework developed to support business success

06 May 2019

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You’ve heard the old adage about ‘paying it forward’.  In my 25 years of business and finance experience both domestically and internationally, I have found that:

  • people try to help each other;
  • they generally do much better by seeking help from others rather than ‘going it alone’; and
  • long-term success comes from building strong relationships.

I’ve been helped by many on my journey and have packaged up my experience – I am CPA qualified - knowledge and research into a single framework called the Small Business Framework (Click on the image above and it will take you to the site). It brings together the many aspects of running a successful business into an easy to use framework. 

The premise is simple: You need to build a holistic view of your business taking into account ‘who you are’ as a business owner. Everyone is time-poor and the sheer quantum of information and advice out there on how to run a business can be overwhelming. My approach isn’t to give you the answers, but to facilitate and guide you through the process of developing your own knowledge and ideas. 

My financial background can help you understand how to calculate the true profitability of your products or services taking into account the cost of your time.

You can access the Small Business Framework from this link. It is online and it’s free. You can work through it at your own pace or I can help you prioritise what's important and then create a realistic and achievable Business Plan to reach your business goals.

I’d be happy to discuss any queries. Please, feel free to reach out to me at