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28 June 2011

Last month I wrote about how global retail is becoming and my experiences shopping in Singapore, Frankfurt and London.  I can confirm that Southern California is no different.  Same fashions, same approach to discounting.
Heading to Calgary to learn about oil sands extraction I discovered that if I closed my eyes and discounted the accents I could have been home in Perth.  All the same issues with as yet not a clear path to resolution: 

•    HR managers in Calgary in mining wonder where they will get enough people to fill the demand in remote places like Fort McMurray (population 80,000 permanent; 40,000 in fly in fly out camps).

•     HR managers in every other industry wonder where they will get any people from. 

•    Politicians wonder how they will manage infrastructure spending so that people in places like Fort McMurray are not disadvantaged so to avoid the social issues that result from lots of cashed up young people in a remote place with not enough to do.

Back in Calgary I did find one thing Perth does not yet have – the 15 plus.   It did remind me of Hong Kong where the system of first floor covered and airconditioned walkways keeps you out of the humidity.  In Calgary it’s designed to keep you out of the freezing cold winter and it is wonderful – a whole community thriving above ground level with retail, food courts, public open space and shared art – and lots of recruitment advertisements for mining companies!