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Westpac - Mary Reibey scholarship for women in business open

21 May 2015

Mary Reibey Scholarship 2015

Mary Reibey

The Mary Reibey Scholarship offers Australian businesswomen the opportunity to further their expertise in core business management disciplines. There are two Scholarships available: one for a woman in the for profit business space; the other for a woman in a Not for Profit organisation that supports women (must have DGR status).

Successful applicants receive a placement in the five and a half day residential General Manager Program (GMP) conducted by AGSM Executive Programs, November 15, 2015. (The course is valued at $14,300 [incl GST].)

GMP begins November 15, 2015, and is located at AGSM Building, University of New South Wales, Gate 11, Botany Street, Randwick. Participants are expected to stay on campus and participate in program sessions in the evening. The program fee covers all accommodation and meals throughout the program.

Any airfares required to attend the GMP will be covered by the Scholarship. The Scholarship must be taken in the year of its issue.


The General Manager Program is designed for General and Divisional Managers responsible for managing performance, as well as senior managers being groomed for a place on the executive team, and business owners leading a team of employees. For more, click here.

To be eligible, applicants must:

•Deliver a clear reason for undertaking the General Manager Program
•Show an understanding of your current business, from operations to strategy, technology and people
•Demonstrate leadership ability, exceptional team work and interpersonal skills
•Possess superior verbal and written communication skills
•Have solid personal integrity and business ethics
•Be a Westpac customer
•Be open to receiving publicity for winning the Scholarship
•Be available to enrol in the General Manager Program: Sunday15th November 2015 - Friday 20th November 2015. 


Three steps to apply for the Scholarship:

1) In 500 words or less, tell us how your business or career would benefit from attending the course, keeping in mind the above criteria.

2) Attach your - one page only - curriculum vitae to your application.

3) Please include your customer number and also indicate in which category you are applying: Business or Not for Profit.

Applications should be sent to 

Applications must be received by midnight on 21 June, 2015.


The winners will be contacted on 29 June, 2015.

For more on this program, and other various AGSM programs:

More about Mary Reibey

The Scholarship is named in honour of Mary Reibey who by the early 1800s was legendary in Sydney as the most successful businesswoman in the colony.

Mary Haydock was 15 years old when she arrived in Sydney aboard the convict ship Royal Admiral. Two years earlier, the orphan was accused and convicted for horse stealing despite a plea of participating in a youthful prank. She was dressed as a boy and convicted as a boy and remained in disguise until she reached the penal colony of New South Wales where she was to serve out a sentence of seven years.

On arrival Mary was assigned duties as a nursemaid in a Major’s household.  Two years later she married the free-settler, Thomas Reibey, formerly of the East India Company.

With this trading experience, Thomas set up his own company, Entally House. By 1803, Entally House owned three boats and traded coal and wheat up the Hawkesbury and Hunter Rivers.

With the purchase of a schooner in 1807, its trading coverage extended to the Pacific Islands.

On Thomas’s pre-mature death in 1811, Mary was left with seven children and control of the operations of Entally House, which included rural properties, sealing in the Bass Strait, as well as overseas trading.

Mary did have experience in the business having looked after its operations during Thomas’s frequent trading journeys. She proved to be resilient and enterprising in taking on Entally House.

By 1812 Mary had expanded operations through opening a new warehouse in George Street, purchasing two more ships and acquiring extensive property holdings in the Sydney CBD.

A special relationship with Westpac arises in this story as the first Bank of New South Wales opened in 1817 in a property built by the late Thomas Reibey and leased by Mary Reibey.

Having established her wealth, in her retirement Mary took an active interest in the church, education and charity. In recognition for her philanthropy, Mary appears on the Australian $20 note.

Good luck and we look forward to receiving your application.


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