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LinkedIn – Top Tips for Your Career or Business Profile

11 October 2013

LinkedIn – Top Tips for Your Career or Business Profile


Statistics show that nearly 80% of professionals in Australia currently have a LinkedIn profile.  However, I would like to suggest that only 5% have a good quality profile. What do you need to do to be in the top 5%?

I often explain that LinkedIn is like a resume on steroids.  However, it is much more because it also enables you to:

. define your personal brand
. create, extend and manage your network
. create and build your relationships with relatively little effort
. generate business opportunities and qualified referrals
. manage, monitor and develop your career

LinkedIn is constantly adding new features, getting to know and understand them can be helpful. You can easily increase the value of your network by keeping in contact with your connections.

Make sure you know how to download a PDF of your content from the Edit Profile menu and export your connections into a CSV file so that if you have to recreate your profile, you have the content and the email addresses of all of your contacts.  Do this every three months.

Secondly, you need to track your return on investment: keep a spreadsheet record of your number of connections, how many times you have been viewed, how many times you have appeared in search results, how many endorsements you have and how many recommendations you have. Ideally, you should also keep a record of how many opportunities it has given you. 

Thirdly, if you are in recruitment or have been able to establish that LinkedIn is your main referral platform you may wish to upgrade otherwise the platform is perfectly adequate. However, you must ‘feed the LinkedIn beast’ by constantly adding new people to your network or LinkedIn (email invitations), giving truthful endorsements and recommendations, sharing updates, contributing to groups, answering all correspondence, etc.

I also suggest that you update your profile.  As a minimum, complete the following tasks:

  1. Customize your public profile URL 
  2. Change your headline to include keywords you would like to be searched on. Selected keywords should appear in your headline, summary, experience, projects, interests and more (seeking opportunities is not a keyword)
  3. Change your contact information – include your mobile number in international format +61 402 243 271, add all of your email addresses in use, add your instant messaging service details (Skype) and in the address box, the summary section and the advice for contacting section, include the contact details for people to connect with you in the way you feel comfortable (this information is accessible to all, even if the person is not connected to you or is a LinkedIn member).
  4. Summary Section – this should be a narrative, an introduction that someone could read out to introduce you at an event.  Start with your current situation, then tell the story of your career so far (from the beginning) and then explain your future - your desired client/career path/how to contact you if you are seeking your next career opportunity. If it is for business, provide a solution for your ideal client. I usually recommend writing in the third person.
  5. For every position (Experience) – include a short description of the company, all of the duties you have completed, all of the achievements and then the URL address of the company you were working for ie (even though it will not be a clickable link). Use dot points, simple language and keywords.
  6. Skills and Expertise – these are ‘encouraged’ by LinkedIn, do not be too anxious about these, but if you have some specific areas, add them to the list.
  7. Education – include all of your subjects and details of the organisation of the education provider.  Also include in depth training courses in this section (more details can be added than the Courses section). For authenticity, add dates, certificate numbers, education provider URL’s.
  8. Additional Info – include your hobbies (but avoid sensitive topics – not gambling and bungy jumping if you are an accountant etc).
  9. Personal information – do not include your date of birth or marital status. It does not affect your ability to do a job. This is particularly important if you are a woman.
  10. Advice for Contacting You – provide instructions and details – call to action.

Sue Ellson joined LinkedIn on 21 December 2003.  Her profile was in the top 1% of viewed profiles in 2012 and on 25 October 2013, she had 3,476 Connections and 724 Profile Views and 14,774 appearances in search results in the last 90 days, 1,122 endorsements and 30 recommendations. Sue regularly generates local and international business, work and opportunities for others through LinkedIn. Sue is currently writing a book on LinkedIn, provides training workshops for small groups, speaks at various professional events and provides private client consultations. Sue can be contacted directly via or +61 402 243 271



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