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Just a theory

16 March 2011

According to MacQuarrie University for the Equal Opportunity for Women in the workplace Agency, there are still only 8 % of women in executive management in Australia. How in this day and age have we permitted this to happen? 

I have a theory. Although there is talk on the table to inspire equity in firms, most often there is no supporting culture for it to happen. Imagine putting a bird and a lion together in an enclosure with only one food source - meat. The bird will always be left with the scraps the lion discards. 

Well the fact is that men in companies have the lions’ share of executive positions and as kings of their domain will always choose those their own kind over the bird like competition from women who end up picking up those positions that are mandated. 

The fact that there are many women that could do the job is beside the point. They don’t put themselves up for the positions because they don’t find the food that appetizing.  Having to compete on the same page just isn’t of interest to them. So we lose those women to start-ups and end up with just lions in the cage. 

Tis just a theory. What do you think?