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If your minds not in it.

07 June 2012

Understanding where a success mindset can take you in life and work is very important.

As a young married couple businesswoman Wendy Simpson began a youth activity centre in Melbourne with her husband. They quickly realised a sizeable proportion of the young people they were dealing with were homeless. It was a short step from there to applying for a community grant to set up a program to deal with homeless youth and not much further to becoming foster parents themselves. Many years on and many business incarnations later, Wendy understands you must “never underestimate the importance of a success mindset. Welfare programs can go so far but your mind’s one of the most important assets you have and if you don’t use it well and put the right things in it – if you have an entitlement mindset or welfare mindset or victim mindset – then you will not go forward and achieve no matter how many programs you attend. You have to want to change and you have to believe it is possible.” 

Her new venture, Springboard Enterprises, is a platform where entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts meet to build great women-led businesses. It sources, coaches and supports companies seeking equity capital for product development and expansion: “When you see other women running companies and understand they don’t look all that different to you then what they’re doing becomes possible.

“The common pillar, for me,” says Wendy, “is the way you think determines your future. We have to get these women with successful businesses showcased so that more women consider the possibility. They say there’s a Glass Ceiling in the corporate world and in the business and entrepreneur world it’s the same. Women entrepreneurs are prolific at the $2 million and maybe $5 million level and then they go no further. Springboard is attempting to change that.”



  • Louise Upton

    Louise Upton 9 years ago

    Wendy is an amazing women. She has a fantastic business brain and the time and empathy to care about people.

  • Nicky Tillyer

    Nicky Tillyer 9 years ago

    How luck for those children that Wendy was there for them with motivation and understanding. Very inspirational.