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How to Seal that Deal with a Potential Employer

04 April 2011

Mastering the fine art of dressing for an interview can be a stressful scenario for any professional.

How do you achieve a winning look to maximise your success!

The key is to dress to where you want to be, not where you are right now.  If you want to climb the corporate ladder, look as if you mean business.  As any Style Guru will tell you 'Dress for the job you want'! 

When going for an interview research the organisation’s dress code so you look like you will fit in.  Don’t be afraid to ask what is appropriate, and then just turn it up a notch.  Look around at what the leaders are wearing, and follow their style.  If youact as if you’re there, you create the perception you are worth much more. 

Research showsthat people who look attractive and dress well tend to outperform others and do better financially.  If you look plain you tend to earn 5 to 10 % less than those who look average, who in turn earn 3 to 8 % less than those deemed attractive.

It is the appearance of confidence that is attractive, not the presence of physical beauty. And attractiveness has more to do with how you carry yourself and your energy levels rather than a great body. You can look fabulous if you dress stylishly (add a dash of colour to your wardrobe), have impeccable grooming, maintain good eye contact and smile.

Good grooming opens doors so don’t allow little details to let you down.  The key to remember is that less is definitely more. If poor dressing is holding you back you need to understand the world has certain rules and you need to abide by them.

Don’t be one of the people who once they get the job they let themselves go, you need to maintain your image at all times.  Treat every day as a job interview because you never know what opportunity will arise.



  • Kylie Green

    Kylie Green 9 years ago

    I have always dressed for the job I wanted and not just the job I had and would always say this to my employees. About 4 years ago I employed a young female intern from the country at the agency and whilst she was eager, hard-working and enthusiastic, her dress sense was lacking. Finally the day she turned up to work with no make-up, unkept hair and inappropraite footwear I pulled her aside and asked her about where she saw herself in the next 5 years. Surprisingly, she told me that she aspired to be CEO of an agency one day just like me so I told her my story and how at her age I was managing a department and how I quickly progressed in the industry through promotions and that I always dressed to impress. The very next day at work she turned up wearing make-up, hair done and a lovely outfit. All the team noticed and from the day on she also dressed to impress. And that she did! She was promoted twice within the next 2 years and whilst we don't work together these days, she oftens keeps in touch and lets me know how her career is progressing and always thanks me for the tip 'dress for the job you want and not the one you have'. So very wise words Robin indeed!