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How to meet Sir Richard Branson

25 October 2011


I’ve just had a conversation with Sir Richard Branson. 

Yup. Sir Richard and I just had a chat. Sure, it wasn’t exactly as I planned - the conversation was held in full view of a five thousand strong crowd - but it was great to speak to one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs.

It was a huge thrill that I had taken the first step to achieving my goal of engaging with Sir Richard in the hope of embarking on a project of massive proportion, a project of social change. 

Two weeks ago, I set out to do something ambitious, a ridiculously extreme stretch goal - and it actually happened. I created a You Tube clip, sent it out into the Twitter-sphere and focused my thoughts and energy on my mission.

Achieving my goal reminds me of how important it is to aim high, to really break through the boundaries of what we think is possible and probable and go even further to achieve. 

As women in the business world we have seen generations push forward and onward into breaking new ground. In the space of my lifetime the change is dramatic. Ambition is such an important part of our working lives, and we need it to make amazing things happen.

On its own ambition, can be a lonely trait. Had I simply wanted to meet Sir Richard Branson and not acted on it – nothing would have happened. And even more importantly if I had tried to do it all on my own it may have remained the impossible task it first seemed to be. 

The people around me, my friends, family, colleagues and contacts helped wherever they could, whether it was an encouraging comment or tickets to the 21st Century Financial Education Summit (where my meeting took place) – I received a lot of help, which perfectly complemented my own determination.

The world is more connected than ever before. Things can be achieved on a greater scale than we have ever known and if we continue to work together we will do the impossible.

Watch the YouTube clip here -