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How to Find a Job In a Recession

07 March 2011

So you've lost your job or you're worried you might lose your job and you really want to know how to get another job.

I have a secret method I used a few years ago when I was first looking for jobs and given the state of the job market, there's never been a better time than now to start testing out my secret weapon.

Step One-know thyself

Possibly read the book \"I Could Do it if Only I Knew What it Was\" by Barbara Sher where you can discover possible unconscious self sabotaging reasons as to why you might be conflicted about the type of job that you really want to do. If you already know what you want to do and understand why you want to do this job, you can skip this step.

Step 2-establish there is a job possibility

Having established the type of job you want to do and your reasons for doing it, then look generally at job advertisements and see if there are generally any jobs in the areas you would be interested in doing. If there are not, maybe consider your skills and think about any other areas you might be interested in working in that there are jobs available in. If there are not any, maybe consider re-training.

Step 3-take initiative

So now you know what type of job you want and that there are some jobs available in the job market you are looking at, you need to understand something, at least half of all jobs are not advertised. They are often filled internally or by someone the employer knows.

So how do you find these jobs? -use the secret method

You write a top twenty list of all the places you would ideally love to work.

Then you call all these companies, and ask to speak to their recruitment person. They will either have a human resources person internally or an external company.

If it is an internal person, they will probably be very impressed that you had the initiative to call them and find out what jobs they might have - and remember if they pick you; it will save them from paying for advertising a job. So it is in their interests to talk to you.

If it is an external party, ask who it is and what they might be looking for and very importantly, if it's ok if you mention to the recruitment person that you spoke to the person at the company. You then call the recruitment person and tell them that you spoke to the company and that they told you to call the recruitment person. Obviously if you have been referred by the company, the recruitment person will need to take you seriously and you already know from the company what they are looking for. So straight away you'll be ahead of everyone else.

These methods have worked successfully in the past. Given that there are now fewer jobs in the first place it makes sense to try to access the 50% of jobs that are not advertised. So good luck and happy job hunting!

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  • Ann Margulis

    Ann Margulis 7 years ago

    Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Ann and I have become the poster child for the unemployed mature age worker in Sydney. I have taken out a gigantic billboard at the airport and been interviewed on Sunrise, Today Tonight, and the ABC. There were two articles about me in the Sunday Telegraph and I have been on every talk back radio show in Sydney and many across other capital cities. I am looking for an ad min job and it is impossible to get one even with one million dollars of publicity that I have gotten. I have many years of experience in an office and I am strong in organisation. All of my press clippings are on my FB blog (type into the FB search bar: I am 60 and not over the hill) so you can review that I am serious. If any of the readers know of an ad min job in Sydney please call me. Thanks. Ann 0423 392 176