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How to enjoy your Career in 2016

12 December 2015

Whether you are part of a large corporate organisation, a small business or an entrepreneur, there you can choose to take ownership of your own happiness and emotional wellbeing.

Take a few minutes now to recall why you chose to go down this career path.

Was it because it just excited you or you felt that it was really your passion in life?  It doesn’t matter how long you have been in your chosen career, it is always a good idea to regularly re-align with the key reasons you decided to do what you do and be proactive about making sure it still makes you happy.

Using the ‘The Science of Happiness at Work’ philosophy is a great way to take ownership of your own happiness mind-set.

What is the Science of Happiness at Work?

The phrase "The Science of Happiness" refers to a new field of social science called positive psychology.  Eight years of detailed research was conducted by The IOpener Institute and their results clearly highlighted the difference happiness can make.

The results of this research showed that there are 5 core elements, (the 5 C’s), that impact people in terms of having a happiness mind set and achieving their potential.  These 5 c’s can be incorporated into any field of work whether you are a director, employee or owner of a large organisation.

Here are some of my top tips for creating happiness (and removing frustration!) at work:

Contribution - This is what you do every day.

  • Ensure you have clear goals and recognise when you achieve them.  Don’t forget to share your achievements with others so that they can recognise you too.

  • Take time to discover what difference your work makes to your customers and ask them for their thoughts and feedback.

  • If you are working with a team, or with colleagues, and you need them to listen to you a bit more, let them know.  Also, don’t forget to listen to your own inner voice.

Conviction - This is your short term motivation.

  • Ensure you continue to invest in your own development and grow your own competence. I suggest to my clients that one major area of personal development each 12 months and a few smaller ones is a good mix.
  • Your connectedness is not just tied to your business but also the world around you including clients, colleagues and your community.  Your connections can provide support, resources, referrals and introductions to potential clients. Research shows that the more connected people are, the more likely they are to achieve their potential.
  • Make sure you focus on what is important and don’t be driven by urgency alone.  Steven Covey has proven this over many years.  Being efficient and effective is about working on the right things at the right time, and getting things done right the first time. Own your calendar!

 Culture - This is your feeling of ‘fitting in’

  • Do you relish your job?  Really?  Great - Do more of it!   If not, then take responsibility for changing some aspects.  Check in to make sure you are focusing on your strengths and the things which energise you.  Are there tasks which you can delegate / outsource?

  • Do you like who you work with?   Make sure you are surrounded by people who build you up, not knock you down.  Do the people you spend time with make you feel good or do they drain your energy?

Commitment - This is your long term engagement in your business.

  • The happiest people, those who achieve their potential are those who believe they make a difference.   Does your work fit in with your purpose?  Do you have the feeling that you make a difference?  If not, then what needs to change?
  • Do you feel strong bursts of positive emotion?  This is the feel good factor!  It’s not fleeting- It’s about sustained periods of positive flow. Make sure you do more of the things  that  ‘flow’ for you.

Confidence.   This is about having a sense of belief in yourself and in your career. Confidence is about:

  • Getting things done.  None of us like to feel like we’ve been busy all day but not achieved anything.  Again, focus on getting the right things completed, the important things done that will make a difference to you, your business and your customers.
  • Having self-belief – Do you believe in yourself and your abilities? Get others to remind you too about what you are capable of and what they believe are your strengths.
  • Would you recommend your job to a friend?  Do you feel excited about what you do and wish to encourage others to do the same? If not, then what do you need to change to make your role/career/business more appealing/engaging to you. What one change can you make that would make the biggest difference to how you feel about your role right now?

It doesn’t matter what your chosen career path is, you can choose to make it work for you or against you. Why not spend a few hours this week making sure that you have set you and your business up for success?