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Using social media to achieve business success

22 August 2016

Peta Shulman

Peta Shulman is young, and wants us to think about our eating habits. In 2014, at 25 years old, she began a health food sampling service, GoodnessMe Box. The venture, which began in her apartment, now employs seven people and has, she says, “nearly 100,000 followers across its core channels of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and achieves an organic reach of around 1 million impressions every month”.

Since its launch, more than 60,000 boxes have been delivered.

“That’s more than half a million products,” says Peta, who took a lot of inspiration for her idea from the local beauty industry, and the wellness sector in the US.

Diagnosed with an autoimmune condition in 2012 - Peta decided to take charge of her health by looking at what she ate. Working in marketing and PR in the health and wellness sector, she saw an opportunity to share her own discoveries and business knowledge with others.

“I saw an opportunity to give people the chance to try out new healthy products and brands through a sampling delivery service. My goal was to empower people to make better food choices, heal their bodies through food, and get excited about eating wholesome and pure ingredients,” she explains.

Setting out to reach influencers and customers online, Peta began establishing a social media footprint for her business: “There is no greater form of publicity than word-of-mouth. Social media provides a free platform to generate awareness for the brands we work with, whilst trusted influencers in the health and food space further enhance our targeted engagement. It’s about building a community of loyal followers. These are people that are eager to share their experiences of our service, built on credibility and trust, which helps to further our high organic reach.”

The products are GMO-free, as well as being two or more of the following: organic, sustainable, raw, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free or vegan.

Subscriptions are available for $25 per month or on a three, six or 12 month subscription plan.