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How do you tackle the subject of bullying with your children?

11 April 2013

Protein recently released a Children's Book App on iTunes, 'Dandelion', which utlilises a unique way for parents to discuss bullying with their children. The storyline introduces a small boy, Benjamin Brewster, who tackles the bullies by using his creativity to try and add light to a dark place with magical dandelions.

The story is not presented as a solution, (there is no one solution to understanding and dealing with bullying), and is written to encourage the reader to use their own imagination to decide the outcome of the story.
The 'Dandelion' story as an App has been a huge success, so much so that in the month of April, $1 of every App and eSale is being donated to Sydney Children's Hospital Gold Telethon to help sick kids as part of a partnership initiative.
With the engagement of the App in schools and internationally, the App is now a book published by Random House - which has demonstrated the relevant topical nature of bullying.
Now, with new stories on the horizon, we are interested in discovering, "How do you tackle the subject with your children"? Do you have any stories to share? An insight into how bullying manifests itself and whether it has been dealt with through communication, physical defence or indeed creative ways will inform the following books. 
In particular, how do we understand what makes someone bully another?