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Give the Man a Voice

16 March 2011


Encouraged by the recent confessions of a number of male clients, I make a stand: give men a voice.

Controversial as this may sound, the heartening rise of women’s voice in business in the recent years, has meant men have had to consider a broader range of communication styles.

Over recent decades, business has moved from the achievement driven 80’s; where men maintained the dominant voice and where women had to emulate men to fit in: a la Margaret Thatcher. This shifted to the personal evolution revolution of the 90s and naughties, seeing the uprising of executive coaching and the permission to use concepts like ‘presence’, ‘gut instinct’ and even ‘the value of meditation’ and in the corridors without being scoffed at. From an Eastern philosophical perspective, we are now in a ‘less yang, more yin’ business environment.  Certainly, this shift has much to do with the acceptance of women in business. 

Over the last 3 years in my practice, a slow trickle of men have come seeking vocal support for a more sensitive, intuitive, less goal-oriented and purpose driven style of communicating.

A-ha! The group intelligence of the business world is demanding a modification in communication style. The seasons are changing.

Upon their request, I have found myself working with these clients on communication skills that are innate to women: collaboration, intuition, rapport and connection. And we discuss what the typical male, Aussie culture does not allow; power through vulnerability. 

In my voice workshops for women; (A Woman’s voice Means Business -, the ultimate message they take away is that everyone is born with a powerful voice. Women just need to learn to use it without defence and with courage. 

Take heart, gals. The break in the weather is here. Men are beginning to adapt and evolve, to find a renewed, more intelligent voice. Welcome to a brave, new world of business. 

Lucy Cornell, 
Voice Coach