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GBA Study Tour 2013, hosted by Westpac.

07 November 2013

GBA member world banks arrived in Sydney for a three-day study tour from Wednesday November 6. More than 20 delegates from major world banks were welcomed by Westpac’s Director of Women’s Markets, Larke Riemer. Presentations focussed on the female economy, its importance for growth, productivity and sustainability. Topics covered included: engagement, relationship building, communication and marketing, diversity and sustainability.

Days 1&2

Translating the vision into a business case – the first 5 years of Women's Markets.

The building blocks – building the brand, marketing and maintaining the momentum within the unit and the overall business

Developing and restructuring the value proposition over time - development of Learn, Lead & Succeed, Ruby Learning Series, Mary Reibey Scholarship, and Rural Women’s Awards.

Embedding Women’s Markets into the business – functional integration with product distribution, marketing and communications

The Ruby brand, our website Ruby Connection, Ruby Learning Series, Mary Reibey Scholarship, Mary Reibey Grant and all other activity associated with our female customers.

A word from our female customers: How Ruby facilitates the banking experience and relationship.

The importance of the banker experience and embedding Ruby as a whole of bank experience.

Research and positioning Westpac as Bank of Choice for Women.

Public relations, below the line advocacy and marketing.

GBA5   GBA3   GBA4

Top left to right: GBA study tour; Ruby customer experience panel Gillian Corban, Allison Bard, Catherine Hallgath; Above left to right: Inez Murray, GBA CEO, speaks with Letitia Ohene-Effah, UT Bank Ghana.




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  • Louise Upton

    Louise Upton 6 years ago

    I spent some time in and out of the study tour. Everyone remained engaged and enthusiastic throughout. Some of them had travelled a long way to be part of the event. It was a credit to all the presenters I saw that they engendered such enthusiasm.