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Fueling Yourself Towards High Self-Esteem – Week 4

09 July 2015


I can remember as a young teenager seeing a sign for a small goods manufacturer near Redfern (Sydney suburb) railway station that declared “What you eat today walks and talks tomorrow”.

At the time I really did not understand how true this statement was, how your self-esteem is directly linked to what you eat, drink daily and your exercise regime.

With this in mind our week 4 tip to creating high self-esteem is:

#4: Regular exercise and a healthy eating & drinking regime.

To make the inner critic less useful and that voice weaker whilst at the same time motivating yourself to take action and raise your self-esteem it certainly helps to have healthy habits.

I am not here to lecture you about the way you should be exercising, eating and drinking. Though I am here to remind you that “you are the only person you will spend your entire life with, so why wouldn’t you look after yourself?

So the best advice I can give you is to:

·         Follow a healthy eating regime, with plenty of greens

·         Exercise daily (aerobically four times per week), really get the heart pumping

·         Drink alcohol in moderation (4 drinks a week), drink green tea and plenty of water.

BraveHeart Women has created a salad we call “The Blossom Salad” as it keeps self judgment away. I eat this salad daily, sometimes twice (lunch & dinner). I have listed the ingredients below, except for the main ingredient – LOVE.

That is right, Love. As you’re cutting up the ingredients, do so loving, thinking how great this is going to be for you and how every cell of your body will benefit from you eating this way. And guess what happens when you do this? The love and the nutrients go into the HEART of every cell of your body. So delicious!!!!

Also, make sure that you eat the salad without doing anything else. Don’t sit in front of your computer or watch TV, just eat the salad enjoying every single mouthful, thinking, “My body is so lucky receiving all this love and nutrients. No wonder I have so much extra time, energy and love.”

Blossom Salad ingredients: small kale pieces, sliced tomatoes, pine nuts, chopped parsley, avocado slices, julienne cucumber slices, Himalayan sea salt, chopped cilantro, sprouts (any kind), extra virgin olive oil, and pinch of cayenne. For additional protein, add a small tin of tuna (in spring water) or quinoa (soak for 24 hours in order to sprout, then cook in boiling water for around 10 minutes). Enjoy!

Have your treats, though in moderation. Make sure that when you choose to have your treats you enjoy them. Don’t start telling yourself, “I should not be eating this, blah, blah, blah.” Instead think: “I am eating this and am enjoying this as I eat healthy and exercise regularly so this will not hurt me. I deserve this, my reward.”

It takes 21 days to turn a routine into a habit, so consciously follow this guide for 21 days. Remember the words of the great philosopher, Aristotle “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”

Then when your body is a well fueled, energised machine, you will automatically begin to raise your self-esteem, which is the key to creating everything your desire.

Until next week…………..


With Gratitude and Joy

Karen Chaston

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Surprisingly, it took her son’s death for her to become more aware, grateful, healthier, energised and live in my Essence

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