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Business women - success stories often left untold

07 June 2019

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Women represent about 13 percent of quoted media sources when it comes to business. Unsurprisingly, the stories of Australian female leaders go largely untold. Jade Collins and Alanna Bastin-Byrne Directors of Femeconomy are determined to remedy this imbalance for women achieving outstanding results in business. Femeconomy’s ebook tells 13 stories worth reading - placing women business leaders front and centre.

From the ebook, we feature Victoria Kluth, Managing Director of Araza, a Westpac Business of Tomorrow.

Victoria founded the business in 2013 with two people, and now has around 300 people and a turnover of $30 million per annum.

Araza is an IT consulting, technology and systems integration organisation specialising in cloud computing, security, robotics and digital transformational solutions.

“At Araza,” says Victoria, “we concentrate on group goals so that the team is always tracking to the same outcomes. I think this keeps everyone on target and motivated. I believe team targets are one of the main reasons for our productivity and amazing growth.”

Victoria on Championing Women: “After Araza was a year in, I realised we needed to show that Araza had the answer regarding hiring. But, no one listens to small companies. A great way to get the Araza message out was to share women’s power stories with our team, our clients and community. I thought one person could share her story with a big Q&A at the end, hoping to get 30 or 40 people. We consistently attract about 200.

“We have invited international headliners like tennis star Martina Navratilova and rapper Cheryl James of Salt-N-Pepa. Also, women who make Australia proud like Nicola Scott who is a global star illustrator in the world of DC Comics. The feedback is that it is empowering. That is awesome.

“2186 is the year the gender pay gap is predicted to close. It’s also the name of my organisation that champions women in leadership and equality. 2186 does this through information, networking, and events that support and promote equal roles and equal pay.”

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