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Family BUsinesses- Where There is No Glass Ceiling for Women

01 September 2017

Insights latest offering is an e-book presenting family business through the eyes of the women who lead and work in them – across diverse ages, cultures, roles and ownership models.


We show you the results of research and cast studies, which highlight the influential role of women in family business.


What makes this book unique is the way in which seven successful women from global family businesses have let us into their journey, exposing us to the highs, lows and powerful lessons of their own experience.


Lessons gained from these women include:

  • Cohesion is an important success indicator. Working on family cohesion can be a great advantage for any family business.
  • Communicating is a key to maintaining the culture of the business. Writing things down and discussing them regularly is helpful to everyone.
  • Draw inspiration from previous generations. The support and encouragement of the exiting generation can be a great source of strength for those entering the business.
  • Overcome stereotypes. There are challenges to overcoming the stereotypes of women in business but it is possible and should not hold anyone back.
  • There is a need for self belief, courage and boldness. Family businesses can cut out multiple layers of meetings, make quick decisions and move on to the next opportunities.
  • It is importance to trust your business intuition in decision making. As a women, intuition and great organisation are key attributes to our leadership.
  • Having a support network is vital when stepping into a family business leadership role.


The e-book ends with a simple action plan. You can work through your personal and business future by answering some hard questions that will help you think through where you are at and where you desire to be.


Download the “Women in Family Business” e-book here and learn from the highly successful women who have shared their insights with us.


You will note that family business specific education is identified by each of our contributors as being crucial to their ongoing success. If you would like to know more about Insights resources for family businesses contact us here or navigate through our free access area here.