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Enriching Careers That Nourish the Soul

19 November 2019


Are you unhappy with your current position in life? Do you think there is more to life than doing a job that brings money but no joy? Have you given any thought to changing your career? If you answered yes to all three questions, you might want to take a look at the list of five enriching career paths you can take to reach your full potential as an individual. 

A teacher


Shaping young minds, helping them overcome obstacles and finding their unique skills and abilities – for someone who enjoys spending time with children and talking about various subjects, there is nothing more fulfilling than being a teacher. Teaching is about sharing what you’re best at, and teachers often take on the role of the second or absent parent, which can help children a lot. Teachers are the ones that set the example for young minds, helping them grow to become better people and find their path in life. Even though most teachers don’t earn a lot, teaching is a job that brings joy to those who love working with kids, and if it’s something that motivates you – go for it. If you feel like you’d be good at teaching, listen to what your intuition is telling you and choose the career path of an educator. 

A support worker


If taking care of others bring you joy, why not consider a career as a support worker? Their task is to help people with their daily tasks, and it’s usually people who are ageing or living with disabilities that seek the support workers. They need to be selfless, patient, kind, and overall genuinely interested in supporting others to live to their fullest potential. It’s no easy task, and you have to be mentally capable to provide support for those who rely on you. It takes a strong and optimistic person to do this job, but the effort you put in is well worth it when at the end of the day.

A nurse


Another incredibly enriching job on the list is that of a nurse. In order to become a nurse, you need to go through extensive practice, learning, and specialization. It takes a lot of time and hard work to become a nurse, and sadly, nurses don’t get the respect they deserve for doing something so kind and noble. They are the ones that interact with the patients, trying to make their stay in the hospital as pleasant as they possibly can. They understand what their patients are going through, so they work with them, encouraging them to be brave, always making sure they’re doing well. They often work double shifts, but as they lay their head down to sleep, they can rest assured they made someone’s day a little bit brighter. 

A psychiatrist


The role of a psychiatrist is to understand the psyche of the individuals who come to the therapy. They take off the emotional burden that people are carrying around with them by providing support and advice that will help those individuals deal with what is troubling them. Psychiatrists are to our minds as doctors are to our bodies – when we survive an injury (or a trauma) we need to get some help. If not treated accordingly, those wounds, both physical and psychological, can deepen and cause us even more problems than before. This is a very rewarding job, both in terms of salary and the amount of help you provide your clients with. After all, psychiatrists deal with stress too, so it’s expected that they be compensated for what they are doing for others.

A sustainability coordinator


Last but not least is the career of a sustainability coordinator. We all know what our planet is going through, and we all know how desperately we need to change our ways, but how many of us actually stand up and do something about it? Well, those who do are called sustainability coordinators. They’re people who work for non-profit organizations whose goal is to increase awareness of the impact we have on our planet, and the ways for achieving sustainability goals, reducing environmental damage in the process. They plan, organize, and design awareness campaigns that promote the actions of an organization. Being a sustainability coordinator lets you make a meaningful difference in creating a more eco-conscious economy, reducing carbon footprint one step at a time. 

Each of these careers is incredibly rewarding as they all promote altruism and sharing your most valuable asset – time. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to bring joy into your life, find inner peace, and help someone else in the process.