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Developing your team for outstanding results

17 January 2017

Learning and development go hand in hand and should continually be addressed.

As a leader, it can be difficult to understand what areas of development your team needs and where their passion is, so here are some tips to help you when you first start the process of organising training and development for your team.

Observe and talk to your team

It is important to understand your team and their motivations. While asking your team the question of what they love doing, the direction they would like their career to head and where their interests in the business are it is also important to observe them in action.

Don’t make your observations too noticeable as it can become overwhelming for those who may feel their actions and behaviours are being viewed under a microscope.

This gathering of data stage is imperative to the success of their training and will help you to find or build a training program that will suit their style of learning or working.

Get a better understanding

While a job description may sum up their role, remember that everyone is an individual and two people carrying out the same function may have different goals and ideals.

Ask questions so that you can better understand their training requirements. They may have some ideas of their own. Regardless of where they are in terms of their experience and training status, further education and development is a positive step for everyone. 

Plan your team’s development

As a leader, it is your job to inspire your team to think about undertaking leadership positions in the future. A well thought and structured training and development program can help to shift any negative bias, unconscious or otherwise, from both your team members and others within the organisation.

A structured calendar of programs, costs, outcomes and benefits will also help you to “sell it in” to anyone questioning the training program.

Personalise all training

With a personalised and detailed approach, you know exactly where you and your team stand. Nothing is left to chance, and there are no unexpected surprises during the training period. Being completely engaged in a role and the direction of a successful career is empowering for your team.

When it comes to training and development, you can’t leave it to just anyone. It is imperative that you seek out the most qualified person to assist and find trainers who are knowledgeable about the subject backed by a good reputation. Organisations require coaching and training that demonstrates real results for their business model, rather than a one size fits all methodology. But more than that, a good leadership and development coach will help you tailor a program to meet your needs and that of your team seeking to learn.

Remember that the success of your team is a reflection of your success as a leader – a leader who is focused on the long-term goals of your team and the company you represent.