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It's All About Content

09 September 2015

People often say “I must embrace Social Media marketing”, and while there are great advantages of driving demand via Social Media, mostly, what people really want is presence. To do that it’s all about content, building content that is meaningful to others yet resonates and builds your brand.
The best content building times are when we share a real experience. such as a fantastic event and how it affected us and the peole around us. Capturing hearts and minds requires you sharing yourself, your passion and emotion. Below are three ideas to help you design your content: 
  1. Reason to listen – you need to start by identifying your target audience and then ask yourself…. “WHY is this topic relevant and how can it add value” to my audience. I would start with three bullet points outlining the purpose of my message and then add a further three bullets outlining how this message adds value.
  2. Socially Write/Speak/Video – next is determining the Social Media medium for your message? The big thing this year is video and if you have the capability of producing a quality video it should be a definite consideration. Podcasts are another option and you can't beat the power of the written word. 
  3. Be concise – Write down all your thoughts that meet both your purpose and value. Once you have it on paper you can start to sort your thoughts and shape your message. If you have a great deal of content, consider breaking up your message into short segments that when linked together make up a total message. Twitter helps you pick out your best one-liners to complement your blogs, etc. with.