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Collaboration Leads to Higher Self-Esteem – Week 10

28 July 2015

You may have noticed that, at times, women can be a bit distorted with each other. We sometimes stray into the negative feminine qualities of judgement, competition, gossip and manipulation when we are together, either in a personal or professional situation.

This will only happen when the women involved do not have high self-esteem. When we have high self-esteem, there is no need for these distorted traits. When a woman has high self-esteem, “She knows who she is”, “she realises there is enough for everyone”, so competition and scarcity can become a thing of past.


That is right we move away from competition to Collaboration, from lack to Prosperity and from ego to Essence.


Collaborating, truly collaborating, with other women is the key to us creating harmony in the world. Achieving true collaboration, where the whole is definitely more than the mere sum of the individual parts, may not be easy. Though when the aim is creating harmony in our beautiful world, I am sure any obstacle can be overcome.


“The world will be saved by the western women,” said the Dalai Lama in 2009. I feel that what he meant was that women inherently bring a greater focus on nurturing and connection, i.e. Love, which is the cure for the wounds of our time.


This is very true, though only when we move away from our ego and toward our Essence. Self-awareness and collaboration can help us get there.


To achieve collaboration, everyone has to have high self-esteem. Everyone has to set aside their ego, trust one another and share their expertise willingly.


I truly wish that I had been consciously aware of this when I was younger. How many times I have had fights with people just because they had a different opinion and/or my ego got in the way. When we are in our “knowing”, there is no longer a requirement for us to force our opinions onto other people.


It is such a beautiful space to be in. We can just sit back thinking, “From my perspective they are wrong and I know my opinion is right for me, though that is OK.” It is not from a self-righteous or superior space, it is just from our knowing. We can simply allow others to have their views and sit back, neither agreeing nor disagreeing. This saves so much energy and time.


We can use that time and energy toward becoming our own best friend, so we can Be, Create and Collaborate.



The Essence of Female Collaboration


Collaboration between women is a beautiful relationship dynamic for women. This is the relationship dynamic all women must come into otherwise we will sabotage each other. This is the key to us creating a tipping point towards a more harmonious planet.


In this relationship two women show up in their complete wholeness. They do not have it all together. They are a whole human being even with all their imperfections, they have self-esteem and they know that they still have things to learn, to grow and with knowing all this, they are still ready to show up and shine their light.


“I want to show up, even though I don’t know what it looks like…, I know what it feels like”.


They are not necessary confident women though they are full of self esteem.


“I don’t know what I’m doing though I do know who I am and the rest does not matter”


So the two women show up full of self esteem, they are whole and they both say:


“I am going to support the magnificence within you.”


“So I’m complete, I’m competent that I will release what gets in my way on my own and I will give you space to evolve so that you will release on your own what gets in your way.”


“We don’t have to commiserate about stuff. We support each other’s greatness (soul) not ego”


This is a beautiful relationship between women, they truly are their own best friends and because of this they can collaborate, as they have moved from Ego to Essence.


And because of this relationship, the two women standing side by side, both 100%, 100% in their Essence a 3rd energy is created and that is the Energy of Collaboration.


Each woman realising this; “My focus is on the energy within me of letting go and evolving. And by doing that I am contributing to the energy of the 3rd energy, The Energy of Collaboration”


It’s about evolving together and growing together. And once women start to come from that space… our planet will come into harmony. Yes we can collaborate harmoniously.

Until next week…………..

With Gratitude and Joy

Karen Chaston

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Karen Chaston: “Inspiring Women to Empower All Areas of Life is a wife, mother, author, speaker, radio host, former CFO publicly listed company, BraveHeart Women Resonator.

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