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Gift Guide from Ruby for 2020

20 December 2019


Overwhelmed about where to go for gifts and gift ideas? Want to purchase sustainably, and shift the needle on the gender equality dial? Here are some helpful hints and tips.

Have you looked in your cupboards, lately? Why not recycle, reuse and repurpose to create your own personal take on a present. Etsy and Pinterest can help with a multitude of crafty, handmade inspirations. Maybe you knit or crochet or can make jam or pickle? Maybe you’re just great at tidying or have no issue walking the dog for someone you know…

One of our Ruby members told us about this simple idea: IOU time. Basically, you gift time to your recipient: the time to help tidy out the garage or do the garden or clean the oven.

Ideas to boost female business success

As our friends at Femeconomy say: “You are the female economy. Whether you are a female customer, business owner or a woman in the workforce, create gender equality by choosing female led brands.”

Femeconomy has an A to Z gift guide featuring female led brands. It includes everything from Active Truth, active wear, to Zonte’s Footstep, an independent wine company.

Sustainable and more

An initiative recently launched on Facebook is #buyfromthebush. Get on and see a showcase of products, services, experiences to buy from rural communities facing drought. Invest in the sustainability of Australian agriculture and our rural businesses.

B Corp Certification measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance, evaluating how a company’s operations and business model impacts its workers, community, environment, and customers. Purchasing from the products and services of the companies with B Corp certification supports the philosophy of the certified businesses that doing business can be used for good not just growth and profit. Most importantly, for many of us, it requires business to be responsible to the planet.

Patagonia is one of more than 3000 businesses to be accredited. Honest to Goodness, a local Australian organic and natural food company, is another. Honest to Goodness has a DIY gift jar ideas web page, including the ingredients for a simple homemade biscuit mix, as well as homemade bath bomb recipes. Another Australian company on the list is Whole Kids. Whole Kids produces healthy products for babies and children and was one of Westpac’s Businesses of Tomorrow in 2018.

There are about 250 Australian companies with B Corp certification. Honest to Goodness and Whole Kids are also both women led.

Find more B Corp businesses here.

Put your thinking cap on when it comes to experiential gifts. There are so many that leave a light environmental footprint but have a huge impact on the person. Let’s Go Surfing, for example. Established in 1995 from the back of a Kombi van in Bondi Beach by Brenda Miley, Let’s Go Surfing has schools at Bondi, Maroubra and Byron Bay where you can learn how to surf.

Tech gifts

While gifts like mobile devices, games, drones, etc., are not what we might call sustainable, they will pop up on kids’ lists of things “I must have”. The Office of eSafety has put together an eSafey Gift Guide. The Guide can help parents and carers to be aware of some of the safety issues surrounding tech gifts and provides practical advice on how to stay safe, including setting strong passwords, turning off location settings and limiting the amount of personal information shared. The guide covers everything from 3D printers to wearables for pets.