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Changing Your Career at 40: It’s never too late for Success

17 January 2014

Although switching careers at the age of 40 means facing various new challenges that does not mean that you should stop pursuing what you truly love. No matter how senior we may be, finding our path to success is always easy as long as we have the motivation to do it. If you are planning to change your profession after mid 30s, here’s an article that will assist you in meeting your success at 40.
Think Things Thoroughly
In any career switch, it is important that you deeply think about your actions first before doing it. A blog post from how2become noted that if we want to move to another profession, we have to be absolutely certain that we have something lined up, or we really don’t like our current position anymore. The more time you spend planning on the things you want to do after, the better your decisions will be.   
Budget Your Savings
While looking for another job, your finances might be at risk because you do not have any steady paycheck anymore. To survive, prioritize your needs first by listing the important and unimportant items that you spend on. Draft a monthly budget and stick to it religiously. As much as possible, do not use your 401K or retirement savings account because early withdrawals may result in penalties.  
Hone Your Skills
Once you have determined your strengths and interests, test yourself by doing volunteer work for a few weeks. Look for opportunities around your community where you can apply your experiences from your past profession. This method can give you a preview of how you will fair when you move on to a certain job.
Aside from volunteering, the author also noted that you take extra classes to “help you develop stronger skills as well as increase your earning potential.” If you have the extra money, you can enroll yourself in a master’s degree program. But for those who are on a tight budget or those who do not have the time to spend hours in a classroom, an online course is a good option; a convenient way to learn while in the comfort of your own home. 
Look Beyond the Traditional Methods of Career Searching
If you want to find success in the digital age, learn how to utilize various tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Starting a blog is also an ideal way to get you noticed by employers.  To make these tools work to your advantage, you have to think of creative ways on how to sell yourself. Don’t be afraid to post your opinions on certain topics and feel free to infuse a little bit of your personality so they may get to know you better. Aside from writing articles, visuals like photos, videos, and illustrations can do great wonders to increase your social media presence. 
Age doesn’t give a limit for success. As long as we have the right amount of determination and skills, success and opportunities will always come knocking through our door.
Image courtesy by shawncalhoun