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Carbon neutral coffee success

07 June 2012

Ruby Connection Member: Jacqueline Arias, is the Founder of Repùblica® an ethical food company that is 100% Fair Trade, 100% Organic and now 100% Carbon Neutral.

Jacqueline Arias is the Founder and Director of Sydney-based coffee company, República®, the first food brand in Australia to become carbon neutral certified - the same process the top 500 polluting companies will complete under the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

“My vision is to build the most ethical food brand in Australia. We’re certified Fairtrade and we support sustainable farming practices by being certified Organic. When you’re committed to good ethics and have built a business on these principles, then becoming Carbon Neutral was a natural fit. We want to be ethical leaders and have others follow.

“I saw the voluntary Carbon Neutral Program as a challenge I couldn’t pass up. Since 2007 I’ve been on this journey, becoming Carbon Neutral was the next step. It’s a complex and rigorous process, and I think the first question a business owner needs to ask is: ‘am I committed to doing this? Am I committed to doing right by the environment?’ ”

The Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) allows Australian businesses to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions associated with business operations or products. Repùblica® has done this by reducing water and electricity use, and importantly it’s global supply chain footprint. 

The company has offset its carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets that enable Cambodian communities to replace their open wood-burning fires with more efficient domestic cooking stoves. This change reduces the amount of smoke inhalation suffered by women cooking over open wood fires. In Cambodia, over 85 per cent of home-cooked meals are prepared over an open fire.

CARE Australia and others: Just in on the Ruby editing desk is a report called “Into Unknown Territory : The limits to adaptation and reality of loss and damage from climate impacts”. (You can find the report on Ruby and we guarantee it’s worth contemplating.) This important report put together by members of Actionaid, CARE, Germanwatch and WWF states that gains in developing countries will be lost and global poverty will drastically increase unless efforts are taken immediately to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage climate resilient development.

Moves by Ruby members, like the one Jacqueline Arias has been involved with, support us all in a difficult and complex journey to recreate some form of balance.

República® offers beans, ground and instant freeze dried coffee blends, drinking chocolate and Mocha & Cappuccino sachets. Its products are all 100% Fair Trade, 100% Organic and 100% Carbon Neutral.